Servicewomen and men in particularly representative functions must also appear cautious on the Internet privately.

A battalion commander was allowed to receive a reprimand because of her profile in a dating portal, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig ruled on Wednesday.

According to the court, the soldier, who was "well known" in the Bundeswehr, had written that she was in an "open relationship looking for sex. All genders welcome".

She also provided a photo of herself.

Her disciplinary superior gave her a reprimand, which the troop service court approved.

It argued that the wording in the profile cast doubt on the commander's moral integrity.

Outsiders are given the impression that they reduce themselves and their sexual partners to pure sex objects, which also has a negative effect on the good reputation of the Bundeswehr.

The Federal Administrative Court now doubted this argument.

The military service court wrongly assumed that the soldier's private statements were attributed to the Bundeswehr as a whole, it explained.

The general right of personality also includes the right to seek contacts with like-minded people on the Internet.

Individuals are free to choose their sexual relationships and engage in promiscuous sexual behavior.

Nevertheless, the decision was correct, the Leipzig judges decided.

Because the soldier with personnel responsibility for 1000 people must take her professional position into account when choosing her words and pictures.

The words “open relationship looking for sex.

All genders welcome” raised doubts about the necessary character integrity.