This month, a fire that killed a couple in their 60s and two sons in a house in Higashimurayama, Tokyo, killed a new person on the 24th during the demolition work of the house. I found out by interviewing people.

The Metropolitan Police Department is checking the identity of the third son, who seems to have lived in another place, and is investigating the details.

Before dawn on the 9th of this month, a two-story house in Tamako-cho, Higashimurayama City was burned down, killing a couple in their 60s, a second son aged 36, and a fourth son aged 26.

The cause of death is all carbon monoxide poisoning, but kerosene components were detected near the entrance on the first floor, and just before the fire, a message saying "I'm in my heart" was sent to the post on the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's homepage. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating it as if it had tried to force it.

The house at the site was dismantled on the 24th, just over two weeks after the fire, but during that time, it was found by interviewing investigators that a new body was found in the burnt remains. ..

The gender is unknown, but there is no noticeable trauma.

According to the investigators, the Metropolitan Police Department suspected that it was the third son who died because he could not be contacted after the fire with the third son who seems to have lived in another place. I'm investigating the history.