Affected by the epidemic prevention and control, after a lapse of more than two months, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and secondary vocational schools in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province returned to school and resumed classes on May 23.

  At 8:00 in the morning that day, a paper-cut "It's starting school" was placed at the entrance of a kindergarten in Honggutan District, Nanchang City to welcome the children.

Kindergarten staff conduct temperature checks on every child entering the kindergarten and resume school in an orderly manner.

At the entrance of Nanchang No. 5 Middle School campus, when students line up to enter the school, they need to carry and verify the paper health code, and then they can enter the school after the temperature measurement.

  The Nanchang Education Bureau previously issued a notice saying that all those returning to school and those who live together and live together must strictly implement health monitoring, and cooperate with the school to fill in the "Health Information Declaration Card" before returning to school. After passing the health declaration, they only need to return to school on the day You can return to school with a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours, a green code of Changtong code, and a verification itinerary card.

  The Nanchang Education Bureau also emphasized in the notice that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens should organize their return to school in strict accordance with the requirements of the plan, and should not increase the number of layers, and should not require students and their co-residents to provide 48-hour or 24-hour nucleic acid negative certificates.

(Reporter Hua Shan)

Responsible editor: [Ji Xiang]