, May 24. According to the "Shanghai Release" WeChat public account, at the press conference on Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control work held on the morning of the 24th, Wu Huanyu, deputy director of the Shanghai Center for Disease Control and Prevention, introduced: According to the requirements of prevention and control, Shanghai has always adhered to the general policy of "dynamic clearing", promoted the transition to normalized epidemic prevention and control, adhered to the working principles of "fast control and efficient disposal", "territorial responsibility, and urban linkage" to deal with the social epidemic, and continued to consolidate the epidemic situation. prevention and control results.

  In order to do a good job in social epidemic prevention and control, the city's epidemic prevention and control system remains active. Once a positive infection is found, an emergency response will be launched immediately. In accordance with the principles of "territorial responsibility system" and "first-responsibility system", urban areas will coordinate and link to implement Flatten the command, and do a good job in emergency response to the city's epidemic situation quickly, accurately and in a standardized manner.

  After the testing agency detects a nucleic acid positive sample, the relevant department will immediately carry out personnel search, assign a red code to the application code, call to inform them to take personal protection, and implement re-collection and re-examination.

  If the review result is positive, the medical institution will carry out investigation and diagnosis according to the norms and transfer the relevant personnel to designated hospitals or makeshift hospitals for treatment.

At the same time, the three public (industrial) coordination should be used to carry out epidemiological investigations and close contact investigations.

Carry out analysis and evaluation according to the epidemic situation, delineate medium and high risk areas and corresponding control areas, etc., and implement corresponding control measures for relevant areas as soon as possible.

Implement isolation and control measures for close contacts, close contacts and other related risk groups.

Implement terminal disinfection of the activity trajectory of positive infected persons and related environments, places and items.

  Here, I would like to remind the general public that if you receive relevant calls, please actively cooperate with personal protection, keep a distance from others, and actively cooperate with follow-up prevention and control measures.