With the test application of autonomous driving technology, a new position "remote control safety officer" came into being.

  On May 24, the reporter learned from the Internet of Vehicles Project in Boao Dongyu Island, Qionghai, Hainan, that the project has 12 self-driving vehicles such as taxis and minibuses driving on the road.

In the command center, Long Xubin, a remote control security officer, sat in the control cabin, watching the real-time images sent back by the vehicles on the road.

In front of him, in addition to the LCD screen, there is a set of vehicle remote joysticks transformed from a racing game control device.

When an autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel encounters a traffic light failure at an intersection, a one-way lane obstacle blocks the road, etc., the "driver" in the control cabin will take over the vehicle remotely and manually help it out of the predicament.

(Reporter Wang Xiaobin and Li Yufan)

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]