Kate Moss defending Johnny Depp in his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard, it will likely be this Wednesday.

And it will not be a simple letter, as several ex-girlfriends of the actor wrote during the procedure against the


in the United Kingdom two years ago.

This time, the supermodel is called to the bar.

A testimony which will take place, logically, by videoconference, the star of the podiums being in London while the trial takes place in Virginia, and which was requested by the team of Johnny Depp, as confirmed by several media , including

USA Today


Why Kate Moss more than another former girlfriend of the actor?

It is Amber Heard who is the cause.

The Aquaman


made a mistake during her stint by mentioning the model to explain the reason for a violent gesture towards Johnny Depp - the only blow she really admitted to taking on her ex-husband .

The star couple of the 1990s

Amber Heard indeed explained on May 5 that, during an argument with Johnny Depp in the presence of his sister, Whitney, they were all three at the top of a staircase.

She then claims to have hit the interpreter of Jack Sparrow in the face to defend her little sister, because she "immediately thought of Kate Moss and the stairs".

The L'Oréal muse referred to one of the (many) rumors surrounding the sulphurous couple formed by the actor and the model between 1994 and 1997: he allegedly pushed Kate Moss down the stairs of the Mark Hotel in New York.

On the same day in 1994 when this incident allegedly happened, he was arrested after ransacking their room.

The staircase affair has never been confirmed by either of them, but Amber Heard having brought this rumor to court on her own as a fact, the opposing team has the right to prove its inaccuracy.

So they call Twig to testify.

A tumultuous relationship

The couple that Kate Moss formed with Johnny Depp was often in the headlines at the time.

The media regularly reported heated arguments, while they rarely mentioned their romance.

After their split, the supermodel told

Vanity Fair

in 2012 that she had never cried so much over the end of a relationship, crying that lasted "for years."

The interpreter of Ed Wood had explained to


in 1998 that he had “not given her the attention she deserved” and that he took “full responsibility” for their separation for having been “a moron finished ".

Despite a tumultuous history, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss remained on good terms thereafter, enough in any case, for her to come to the helm to defend him almost 30 years later.


Johnny Depp has a good reason for never watching Amber Heard in court

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