May 24, 2022

Halsey's record label responds to accusations

Halsey had claimed not to be allowed to release any new songs without first releasing a viral TikTok video, by order of her record label, Astralwerks-Capitol.

The latter responded without getting too wet to these accusations.

“Our faith in Halsey as an artist is total and unwavering.

We can't wait for the world to hear his brilliant new music,” he revealed in a statement.

The singer had declared that being “in this industry for eight years” and having “sold more than 165 million records” gave her no weight in her artistic choices, not being the owner of her masters.

“It's all marketing and they do that to pretty much every artist these days.

I just want to release music.

And I deserve better, to be honest.

I'm tired, ”she added… on TikTok, causing the buzz.

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There's mayhem between Liam Payne and his fiancee Maya Henry

Liam Payne was recently photographed hugging a young woman who is not his fiancée, Maya Henry, and came clean by revealing that they are no longer together.

Problem, according to the first concerned… She was not aware of this separation!

"I love all the fans, but please stop sending me those pictures of my fiancé hugging another woman.

It's not me, and it's pretty hard to know it happened, without having to see it, ”she posted in the comment of a post from a fan account.

On the side of the Payne camp, however, it is assured that “Maya and Liam separated for good a month ago.

Maya's comments referring to Liam as her fiancé are false,” according to Page Six.


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