Two gin and tonics warm up at a high table with velvet stools.

The lights go out and the night lights up at 'Isadora House', the nightclub that will revolutionize the new season of




crosses one of her corridors heading to the bathroom.

She looks worried, or angry, or maybe sad.

As she flees, she dodges two girls who are hurrying to enjoy the party in Madrid.

"In the new season we have matured"

, assures the actress

Valentina Zenere

, "There will be more drama and stronger".

Yes, stronger (if possible).


hits rock bottom,


begins to empathize with others and something happens to


- something very big - that transforms his life.

They have all changed.

The protagonists themselves have a personal evolution that directly affects the actors, who in this sixth season will share the stage with

five new characters

, who are still landing in that maelstrom of fame that Elite supposes.

"They are helping us a lot, because of their experience," confesses

Carmen Arrufat

, that, although she has not revealed who her character will be, it can already be anticipated that it will be closely linked to the world of networks and that it will come from the hand of

Alex Pastrana

, her boyfriend.

Together with her, her partner in her


Álvaro de Juana


The cast is completed by

Ana Bokesa

and Ander Puig, who will continue with the intention of making all kinds of realities visible.

We accompany them throughout a day of filming and discover new complaints, new stories.


Up the gigantic spiral stairs of Isadora House, high heels line the top of the pub.

Over the long corridor you can see, from above, the dance floor.

On the right side, rooms and in the background, the suite.

The door opens and the room reveals several steps.

Whoever dares to upload them can see

the essence of their owner

in every corner .

A pair of large, round Chloé glasses, a trendy green short-handle bag and a few Chanel details.

Marble cabinets adorned with gilt knobs hold cream jars bearing the name of what has become her personal hallmark:

Isadora House


The round bed dissolves under large windows in the center of Madrid.

And despite this new scenario,


has not lost its essence


The one from that giant film school, which in real life (and I don't want to take away anyone's illusion), creates its rooms from the sliding walls of

a prefabricated house

, inside a warehouse, on the outskirts of the capital .

Anyone would.

"We want to tell real stories, and we are not going to give up doing it," assured

Carlos Montero


Jaime Vaca

, the creators of the series.

So real, that when you step into the iconic (and tiny) school showers, it is almost impossible to record those high-voltage scenes with excess steam and endorphins there.


impossible for them there is nothing




is the production with the most seasons on Netflix Spain, but it is still very much alive," they explain from the platform.

That is why it is their great bet and they invest time and resources in it.


The spectator wants new things, and we have to give them to him

", alleges Montero.

Far (or close) from that

great luxury nightclub

, a square structure houses two long months with their respective benches.

all white

Four security cameras in each corner and at the entrance door the identification sign:



So yes, you can also see scenes in prison... With a protagonist?

We will have to wait


As a novelty in this sixth season

, an intimacy coordinator joins the team


"We work on physical contact, the areas where they feel good, and we detect those that make them uncomfortable," says expert

Lucía Delgado


"When they have a good time and are comfortable, the viewer notices it," point out the writers, who have also taken the opportunity to explain the controversy over the possible whitewashing of a rape in the previous season.

"What is raised," the writers explain, "is resolved in this new season. We had to get to where we are in order to understand the second part."

Settled issue, or so they say.

To make sure

, we will have to wait for the premiere of the new season

, which indicates that it will be ready for the end of summer.

Although there is no fixed date.

Place your bets.

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