China News Service, Handan, May 24th (Wang Tian translated Liang Yanjing) "Write upright Chinese characters and be upright Chinese." On the morning of the 24th, in the calligraphy charity class of Yucai Primary School in Haixing County, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, 82 years old Liu Zhensheng is giving a calligraphy class to the children.

  Liu Zhensheng said that he had taught at the school for more than 40 years. After retirement, he was more obsessed with calligraphy when he was idle at home. He not only practiced diligently, but also kept learning the historical and cultural knowledge of Chinese calligraphy.

  "Calligraphy is a classic of traditional Chinese culture and should be inherited." Liu Zhensheng said that in 2016, after Yucai Primary School built a new teaching building, the school planned to offer a calligraphy course. After learning the news, he volunteered to teach calligraphy for students and became a school The oldest calligraphy teacher.

  This persistence is 6 years.

In the past 6 years, under the guidance of Liu Zhensheng, more than 200 students fell in love with the calligraphy culture, and the works of student Han Jinhao won the Excellence Award in the 2018 Shijiazhuang Youth Calligraphy Exhibition.

  "As long as my body is still strong, I will continue to run this calligraphy class. My biggest wish now is to use my actions to make children fall in love with calligraphy and experience the fun that calligraphy brings to us. As long as the students have good skills I am satisfied with the calligraphy culture and pass on the calligraphy culture well." Liu Zhensheng said that as long as his body allows, he will always insist on teaching calligraphy for children in the classroom.