With the gradual stabilization of the epidemic situation in Shanghai, Shanghai is in accordance with the requirements of "orderly liberalization, limited flow, effective control, and classified management", and is promoting the resumption of farmers' markets in an orderly manner.

  On the morning of May 24, the reporter visited Shanghai Xijiao International Agricultural Products Trading Center.

The reporter learned that there are three steps to enter the site. The first level is to check the vehicle forecast system, and you cannot enter the site without an appointment; the second level is to check the negative nucleic acid report within 48 hours, and at the same time, do an antigen test on site; Off to scan the health code for "Digital Sentinel".

  At the same time, do a good job of disinfecting vehicles.

If the outside driver does not get off the car, stick a seal on the door of the driver's main and auxiliary cabs to ensure that they do not get off the car. Special personnel will guide them to the designated area, and the relevant staff in the venue will load and unload the goods to achieve contactless transactions.

(Chen Congyao)

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]