The vice president sends indecent messages

Teachers' moral corruption must be investigated to the end

  An extremely explicit message, if it is just a pillow talk between husband and wife, this is nothing.

But such a message was actually sent to the work group by Tan Moumou, a deputy dean of Zhengzhou University, and the problem was really serious.

  According to Shangguan News, at 23:36 on May 19, Tan Moumou, executive deputy dean of the School of Physical Education, Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, sent an explicit text message in the work WeChat group.

5 minutes later, he sent another message in the group: the WeChat ID was stolen and has been recovered through public security friends.

This incident detonated the Internet and caused continuous attention in the past few days.

On the afternoon of the 21st, the official WeChat account of Zhengzhou University of Light Industry: Tan Moumou released indecent information, falsely claiming that the school attached great importance to the theft.

In view of Tan Moumou's behavior suspected of violating discipline, the school has suspended him for investigation.

  Nowadays, everyone has various groups on their mobile phones, and it is indeed inevitable to send wrong information.

And once the wrong message is sent, the message cannot be withdrawn after two minutes, and some people "socially die" on WeChat's technical settings.

It is estimated that Vice President Tan did not want to bear the consequences, so he lied that the WeChat ID was stolen and recovered it after 5 minutes.

This set of rhetoric is really funny. It is not very harmful to the majority of netizens, but it is extremely insulting: President Tan, do you think that everyone lacks common sense like you?

  It is hard to imagine that a university leader would make such explicit and erotic remarks.

Even if Dean Tan argues that it was sent to his wife, such lewd requests and vulgar tastes really damage the image of a teacher as a "model for others". It also reflects the serious problem of teachers' moral anomie, which cannot be ignored.

  A university is a place for teaching and educating people, and a sacred temple in people's minds.

You can argue that it's a wrong haircut, but a teacher's morality can't hurt.

Not long ago, a number of teachers at Nankai University were expelled or punished by female students reporting misconduct with their real names.

Unexpectedly, Party A will come on stage after singing, and Dean Tan of Zhengzhou University will come here.

Similar scandals continue one after another, causing great harm to teachers.

Just imagine, a preacher, teaching career and solving puzzles, should be a role model for students in terms of learning and character, but now his words and deeds are so vulgar and vulgar, how can he learn to be a teacher and be a model?

  The incident of "indecent information" is indeed humiliating and tarnishing the image of the school.

Fortunately, the school responded quickly and set up an investigation team in time.

Judging from the behavioral inertia, explicit information is wrongly sent, and I am afraid it is not just wrong.

The school might as well follow the vines, do not evade, do not protect shortcomings, and thoroughly investigate the matter.

In this way, earning back the lost face is worthy of the profession and title of a teacher.

  Newspaper commentator Chen Jiang