China News Service, Lincang, May 23 (Xu Yuan Hou Xiaofeng) The reporter learned from the Qingshuihe entry-exit border inspection station on the 23rd that the police at the station recently seized a gold product smuggling case at the China-Myanmar border, and seized 11.59 kilograms of gold products. 4.46 million yuan.

  At about 9:00 on February 23, the police at the Yonghe Branch of Qingshuihe Border Inspection Station seized 12 pieces of gold products wrapped in black plastic paper and finished necklaces from under the sunshade cloth on the front passenger seat of the truck while inspecting an entry vehicle at the port. 2 pieces, weighing 11.59 kilograms, were appraised by a professional institution on May 22, and the case value was 4.46 million yuan.

The picture shows the police inspecting the vehicle.

Photo courtesy of Qingshuihe Border Inspection

  At present, the case has been handed over to the Economic Investigation Brigade of the Cangyuan County Public Security Bureau for further processing.

  Yonghe Port is located in Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, adjacent to the second special zone of Shan State, Myanmar.