China News Service, Haikou, May 23 (Zheng Haixia) According to the Hainan Provincial Higher People's Court on the 23rd, Luo Changping fulfilled the obligation of the effective judgment and posted on, the Rule of Law Daily and the "Rules of Law Daily" about his erroneous remarks that violated the honor and honor of heroes and martyrs. The People's Liberation Army Daily published a public apology.

  The full text of the letter of apology is as follows:

  "On October 6, 2021, my wrong remarks on the film "Changjin Lake" on Sina Weibo caused widespread dissemination, which not only infringed on the honor and honor of the heroes and martyrs in the Battle of Changjin Lake to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, but also hurt the families of the heroes and martyrs The emotion caused by the anger of the majority of netizens is even more intolerable by the law. I respect and obey the judgment of the court, deeply regret my actions, willing to take the corresponding legal responsibility, and actively do some work with my family to make up for it. Being punished by the law, I sincerely apologize again to the heroic martyrs of the volunteer army, to the families of the heroes and martyrs, and to the public. Having personally experienced this, I will strictly regulate my words and deeds, and promise that I will never express my views in any form in the future. Use insulting words and extreme remarks; at the same time, sincerely cherish the memory of the heroes, defend the glory of the heroes, inherit the spirit of the heroes, do some public welfare activities as much as possible, and strive to eliminate the negative impact. I hope everyone can take me as a warning and deeply understand that the Internet is not outside the law. The honor and honor of heroes and martyrs cannot be slandered. The person who apologizes: Luo Changping."

  On May 5 this year, Luo Changping was sentenced to seven months in prison by the People's Court of Sanya Suburbs, Hainan Province for infringing on the honor and honor of heroes and martyrs. and other civil liability.

During the handling of the case, Luo Changping pleaded guilty and accepted punishment, and voluntarily paid 80,000 yuan in compensation for public welfare damages for public welfare undertakings such as the commemoration and publicity of the spiritual deeds of the martyrs to resist US aggression and aid Korea.