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Destins liens

, released in 2016, S-Crew is back in force and in surprise with their third album:

SZR 2001


2zer Washington, Framal and Mekra shared the rendering of the album and the opening date of the pre-order of the latter in their Instagram story.

It will take place on May 23 at noon, only Nekfeu did not relay the information due to his voluntary absence on social networks.

A return to origins

S-Crew is above all a story of friendship.

The Parisian rap collective was formed in the southern districts, between a dozen friends in 2001, hence this date as the name of the third album.

After several years, only the most passionate remained, namely Framal, 2zer Washington, Mekra and Nekfeu, which was part of other parallel collectives such as 1995, L'entourage and 5 major.

According to the teaser released on YouTube and the aesthetics of the album, everything suggests that their friendship and their journey will be the themes discussed.

Proof in support with the album that looks like a modern camcorder.

Once again, the place of cinema and image is affirmed, as in most of Nekfeu's projects.

Recall that he had announced his last album with a film released on Netflix: The wandering stars.

A communication full of mystery

Fans of the band have been waiting for an announcement from the label for days.

The posting, everywhere in Paris, with the logo of Seine Zoo Record and the name of the album, as well as the creation of a website where one could see two countdowns had succeeded in intrigue and excite fans.

The different theories had then fused on the networks: a return of Nekfeu, a return of the S-Crew or even a tribute album to Nepal, their friend who died in 2019.

The torture took place on May 22 at 10:22 p.m., when the first countdown ended.

Although we have learned more about the album, the songs it will contain are still a mystery.

But even after 6 years of absence, the fans of the rap group are still present.

The YouTube teaser posted at the end of the countdown already has more than 280,000 views in less than 24 hours.

All that's left is for the group to be as good as it has ever been in the past.

To be continued…


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