Guangzhou Daily News (All Media Reporter Charter Correspondent Haifa Xuan) Under the epidemic, children are studying at home, but neighbors are making terrifying noises. In this regard, Guangzhou City issued the country's first pre-suit prohibition order for noise environmental infringement, and the order issued a backup Widely concerned by the society.

Recently, the Guangzhou Haizhu Court Eco-City Tribunal ruled to lift the pre-litigation restraining order for noise environmental infringement.

After the judge came to Mr. Wang's house, the scene was very quiet and there was no noise.

Subsequently, the respondent, Mr. Li, signed and received the civil ruling to lift the restraining order on the spot.

The judge reminded that the lifting of the restraining order did not mean that the noise could "make a comeback".

  Since December 2018, Mr. Wang's family has found a strange roar in Room 302 where he lives, which repeats continuously every day from 8:45 to 12:00 and from 15:30 to 22:00.

The investigation found that the aforementioned sound came from Room 102, and the noise was caused by disputes between Mr. Li and other neighbors in Room 102.

The aforementioned noise caused complaints from surrounding residents, and the sub-district office and the neighborhood committee presided over the mediation many times. However, since the noise did not meet the administrative penalty standards, Mr. Li continued to play the media after participating in the mediation.

It turned out that Mr. Li said that the contradiction between him and Mr. Zhao in Room 101 was too great. Mr. Zhao built a canopy on the public land in front of the door, which seriously affected the ventilation and lighting of Room 102.

Mr. Zhao insisted that the land in front of the door belonged to him, and he had the right to decide how to use it, and he built the canopy because the camera installed by Mr. Li was facing the door of Room 101, which violated his privacy.

But what Mr. Li didn't expect was that Mr. Zhao's hearing was very poor, and the noise did not affect Mr. Zhao, but instead affected other neighbors - such as the prohibition order applicant Mr. Wang.

  In desperation, Mr. Wang submitted an application for a pre-litigation injunction to the Guangzhou Haizhu Court on April 13 this year, asking Mr. Li to stop making noise.

On April 15, Mr. Li signed and received the civil ruling and injunction at the scene, and in the presence of the relevant staff, he removed the recording and playback equipment, deleted the recording files, and promised not to make any more noise to disturb the people.

  "Every day is quiet now!" Mrs. Wang said happily, "Because I spend more time at home, I used to get very irritable when I heard weird roars every day." To express her gratitude, she thanked the magistrate Dong Guangxu And the deputies of the National People's Congress who have been following up on this matter presented the pennants of "Quiet the noise, have the law and love for the people".

  According to reports, the decision to lift the restraining order was only based on the fact that the pre-litigation restraining order was a temporary preservation measure. Based on Mr. Li's active fulfillment of the content of the restraining order, the applicant, Mr. Wang, did not prosecute within 30 days.

On this premise, the Haizhu court ruled to lift it in accordance with the judicial interpretation. If Mr. Li makes noise by playing recordings of strange roars or other content, or interferes with the normal life of the applicant and his family in other ways in a disguised form, he may be subject to subsequent lawsuits. was identified as malicious infringement and applicable for punitive damages.