• This Monday, May 23, M6 launches the first episode of

    The Academy of Cakes

    at 6:40 p.m.

  • In this competition, 24 amateur pastry chefs compete to win a contract with Cyril Lignac.

  • “Making people dream with a TV show is easy.

    Doing it as a job is a commitment, you really have to want it, ”assures the star of the stoves and the small screen.


Star Ac

returns earlier than expected.

Not with apprentice singers, no, but with amateur pastry chefs.

From this Monday from 6:40 p.m. on M6, they will be twenty-four to compete within

The academy of cakes

, chaired by Cyril Lignac.

For several weeks, these frosting and pastry bag enthusiasts will try to impress the star of the stove as well as the two teachers Desty Brami and Ophélie Bares to win an invaluable gain: a contract within Cyril Lignac's teams.

Unlike the

Meilleur Pâtissier

, a competition in which the winner "only" has the opportunity to take out their recipe book (that's not bad enough), this new program can have a real immediate impact on the lives of its candidates. .

At the time of the casting, "the selection was not made solely on the level of pastry but on the desire to want to live from one's passion", testifies the producer Matthieu Jean-Toscani.

In addition to a permanent contract, the best of the 24 participants will receive CAP training and the sum of 10,000 euros.

Three training cycles

“What interests me in this is to put the finger on what our job really is, reports Cyril Lignac.

Make people dream with a TV show, it's easy.

Making it your job is a commitment, you have to really want it.

As a cook, pastry chef and business manager, the director of the academy knows what he is talking about.

“These are two worlds that meet, passion and professionalism.

When I train them, I tell them to be careful.

I show them the reality”.

For this, the competition wants to be "the reflection of professional training institutes in France", explains the producer.

Courses in small groups, masterclasses, application courses, everything will be done to find the rare pearl, the one who will be able to combine technical mastery with a keen sense of creativity.

Over time, the twenty-four amateur pastry chefs will go through three cycles.

The first, learning, will review both the basics and the great desserts and will see each of the classes go from six to three candidates.

During the second cycle, that of improvement, there will be only twelve competitors who will undergo the challenges of several big names in pastry such as Philippe Conticini, Nina Métayer, Sébastien Vauxion or Pierre Hermé.

During the final round of professionalization, the last six will leave for immersion in prestigious establishments.

The two best will compete in the final in the ephemeral pastries test and will have to develop a menu and think about the decoration of their shop.

A “demanding” Cyril Lignac

Because this program can change everything for its competitors, pretenses had to be avoided at all costs.

“It involves not lying to people and being like I am in my businesses.

I am demanding of them but the customers are a hundred times more demanding of me,” says Cyril Lignac.

In all honesty, he even admits that he is not sure "that many will take the plunge" because passing the course of life change is not done "in three weeks of training".

And for those who win the golden ticket, the road is not yet clear because this person "is not going to revolutionize pastry Cyril Lignac", immediately warns the chef.

“He will come back with us, progress, learn.

If he's great and he's moving forward, he's going to grow with us.

Maybe after a while he will want to do something else.

It doesn't matter, the main thing is that he goes a long way with us.

A path equivalent to the distance Paris-Brest?


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