AKMU's Suhyeon honestly shared her thoughts on her brother Chanhyuk, who catches the attention of netizens with a fresh look every time on stage.

Suhyun recently released a video titled 'Interview Q&A beyond the line' on her personal YouTube channel 'Lee Soo-hyun Official'.

On this day, Suhyeon took on two roles and conducted an interview in a format where 'reporter Suhyeon' asked a question and 'star Suhyeon' answered.

Among the many questions, the one that caught my attention the most was about my older brother Chanhyuk, who is working with me.

Reporter Su-hyeon asked star Su-hyun, "Recently, my brother's change is surprising the world, but I'm not jealous because Chan-hyuk suddenly gets attention."

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Suhyeon said, "Every time I get this question, the intention of the person who asks it is very clear. I felt that he wanted me to have fun with my brother, so I didn't answer (until now)."

He continued, "I don't feel that oppa has changed. It's been 10 years since I sang 'Don't Cross Your Legs', but people inevitably change during that time. I know that I endured a lot because I thought I wasn't doing it."

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He added, "I've often seen my brother struggled a lot when he reached a certain point, so it's great to see him so happy (on stage these days)."

In addition, Suhyun said, "I am glad that the public seems to be accepting the changed image of Akmu naturally. Rather, I think that because of my brother, the range of music that Akmu can show in the future has been wider. So, to this question, I don't want to laugh or laugh," he said.

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However, Suhyeon, who was caught a lot of bewildered by Chanhyuk's actions on stage to say that he was cheering for his brother, showed a moment of bewilderment when asked, "Is it a concept to be surprised as well?"

Suhyun concluded by saying, "I respect, acknowledge, and understand him (Chanhyuk), but he is still so different from me, so I can't help but be surprised by every gesture, every action, every word he speaks. It's really amazing." I did.

On the other hand, Chanhyuk drew attention with a video titled 'Lee Chanhyuk with GD', showing off his unique 'swag' on stage as if he was looking at group Big Bang member G-Dragon.

After that, he appeared on an entertainment program and explained, "It looks like he really enjoys the stage. It just fits the mood of the song," and said that he will continue to create his own vibes in the future.

(Picture = YouTube 'Lee Soo-hyun Official', Chan-hyuk's Instagram)

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