Recently, an aunt in Shanghai has been cooking and delivering food for volunteers for two consecutive months.

  Aunt Wu lives in Shuxing Community, Xinhong Street, Minhang District. After the community was closed, she saw that the staff of the neighborhood committee and volunteers were working very hard, so she decided to cook some small dishes and snacks every day to supplement their nutrition and change their taste. .

  Aunt Wu gets up at 4:30 every morning to prepare three meals a day for volunteers.

In the morning, there are scallion pancakes, egg pancakes, and fried buns, and lunch and dinner are different every day.

A cadre of the neighborhood committee, Xiao Tang said, "It's like the food I eat at home, the food my mother cooks." Aunt Wu's health is not very good, and her wife said that she would be sullen when she stopped, but when she saw everyone was having a good time, she was very energetic. .

Aunt Wu said: "My son is also volunteering. If I help them, it is like helping my son. I treat them as my own family."

  (Li Jiali's video produced by Liu Xiao comes from Xinhong Street)

Responsible editor: [Sun Jingbo]