A Korean film that awakens the true meaning and importance of life through the warmth of a person is attracting attention.

The two actors of the movie 'Hello', Mr. Lee Soon-jae, and Kim Hwan-hee, are here.

Q. I met the audience after a long time…

How do you feel before the release?

[Lee Soon-jae/Actor: We did a preview, but well, it's a low-budget movie and I don't know what it will be like because it's a small movie, but I'm looking forward to seeing it, maybe you won't feel something.]

Q. The movie 'Hello'...

what kind of work is it?

[Hwanhee Kim/Actress: The movie 'Hello' is a warm movie in which a girl named Su-mi, who gave up her life, moves forward in a hospice ward and learns to live while listening to the warm stories of patients in the ward.]

Q. What is the special reason for choosing this movie? is there?

[Lee Soon-jae/Actor: I actually first learned that there is a hospice system through this movie.

Of course, I have absolutely no intention of going there.

'Cause I've got to do it until I die

But the system was fine.

So this inspiration comes in first because there is an age, and then various groups come in and spend their last lives there, but in the end, until the day they die, let's do what they wanted to do, what they were going to do, and do these things That's what it means

So, in conclusion, 'If you live well, you die well' This is the theory of this inspiration.


Q. A role in the face of countless violence…

What did you focus on?

[Kim Hwanhee / Actor: As you can see from the movie, he is a friend with a very wide range of emotions.

At first, because he was a friend with a lot of wounds in his life, the emotional line was very low, but after being healed and healed, it is an emotional line that returns to the original beauty, so how can we connect the width well? I thought that I could empathize with this friend without feeling it, and I talked a lot with the director, and I think I thought about this friend a lot by myself.


Q. The evaluation of paternal grandfather-granddaughter...

How was the smoke breathing?

[Lee Soon-jae/Actor: First of all, I feel that what I felt has changed a lot, our young people.

As for the amount of joy.

It's really not that easy.

But from what I've seen, it's acceptable.

So I feel it while watching it with our students, which used to take a month in the past, but now it can be done in a full month.

That is why our young people have changed in appearance, physique, and hair.

So, I am convinced that if I give them a more solid foundation, they can all become global stars.]

Q. If you would give advice to people having a difficult life as a senior in life?

[Lee Soon-jae / Actor: Compared to our time, the society has become quite affluent.

As for life, there are bound to be difficulties in any society as we go through life, and each has its own conditions.

However, it is up to you whether you get frustrated and sink there, or whether you break through it and break through.

So, I open up the future for these young people, and if these friends can work hard and show their full potential, then as many global stars as possible and world-class talents can develop.

The foundation of our nation is that I am a decent nation.


Q. How do you want this work to reach the audience?

[Kim Hwanhee/Actor: I hope this movie reaches many people as a comfort.

Like the story 'You are not alone'.

Sumira was going to end her life by saying that her friend thought she was alone at first and that everyone was the same, but when she looked at the hospice people she realized she wasn't like that at all and she went up again.

I hope this movie will be a time of healing for many people.]

Q. What kind of actor do you want to become in the future?

[Kim Hwanhee/Actor: I want to become an actor who shows a variety of acting to many people.

I have a lot of greed, and I want to experience a lot of things through acting that Kim Hwan-hee cannot experience.

So, I want to become an actor who can resonate with many people not only with one character, but with various characters.]

Q. What other goals would you like to achieve in the future


[Lee Soon-jae/Actor: I will continue to do it as long as I do it in the future.

Of course, now I can't if my memorization ability is low.

Whether you can do it yourself or not depends on that.

But because I'm still young.

I'm still holding out, so I'm not in a position to be indebted to my juniors, and I'm in a position to do it one more time because it's a condition that doesn't put any pressure on my juniors, so this year's schedule is full.]