This round of epidemic began with an emergency press conference held late at night.

  On April 22, after the sporadic case confirmation report that most people are almost used to, Beijing held a press conference overnight at nearly 11 o'clock that night to report the new confirmed cases and the situation.

  In the next 30 days, Beijing held a total of 31 press conferences to respond to citizens' concerns such as "closure of the city", "large-scale pop-up windows for health treasures", material guarantee, student exams, and medical treatment for special groups.

At present, several clustered epidemics and sporadic cases in the society have increased the uncertainty of epidemic prevention and control. On May 20, Beijing proposed faster, stricter and more effective prevention and control measures, Beijing Municipal Government News Spokesman Xu Hejian said at the press conference that every line of defense is guarded, every hidden danger is eliminated, and the chain of epidemic transmission is effectively blocked.

  The word "quick"

  The Omicron strain spreads fast and stealthily, and the exposure of confirmed cases involves a wide range, which can be said to be "urgent".

Whether it is the rhythm of the epidemic prevention and control conference, or the presentation at the conference, "fast" is the most important feature.

  After the first notification of this round of cases on the evening of April 22, the next day's preliminary investigation concluded that "the virus has been spreading hidden for a week", and it was determined that there were 661 people in close contact. Sealed and controlled areas; Buildings 10 and 12 of Songyu Dongli, Panjiayuan Street are designated as control areas; other communities in Songyu Dongli, Panjiayuan Street are designated as enhanced prevention areas.

  At the press conference on the fourth day, "the chain of virus transmission has been found out".

It is inferred that there are two independent transmission chains in Beijing, which are the epidemic in Chaoyang District and the epidemic in Fengtai Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine.

Case notifications at each conference since then have consistently confirmed the accuracy of the initial inferences.

  On the evening of April 25, Beijing held a late-night epidemic prevention and control conference. At the meeting, Xu Hejian said that the epidemic in Beijing is coming fast and violently. "Strict screening and strict prevention" resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic, ensure the safety of citizens, and ensure the safety of the capital.

  After several rounds of large-scale nucleic acid screening, on May 4, a briefing was announced at the press conference to basically find out the basic number of hidden transmissions in the society.

  The reporter sorted out that Xu Hejian's requirements for the speed of disposal have always been the highest standard at the epidemic prevention and control conference in the past month.

From "closely grasping the anti-epidemic window period and realizing social zero as soon as possible" to "urgently racing against the virus to curb the spread of the epidemic in the shortest possible time", to "fighting fast and resolutely do a good job of Beijing's dynamic clearing" battle".

  Late night press conference

  For some time, sporadic cases became the norm.

On the afternoon of April 22, a newly confirmed case did not attract much public attention until nearly 11 p.m., the 311th epidemic prevention and control conference in Beijing announced that there were 4 new local cases, 1 person who was positive in the review, and 1 positive in the initial screening. 9 people.

  The confirmed cases involved elderly tour groups, decoration staff and students in the suburbs of Beijing.

This means that the spread of the epidemic may be wider, and there may even be clusters of epidemics.

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said at the press conference, "Infected people have a wide range of activities and involve many crowded places. It is preliminarily judged that the risk of future transmission is high."

  It is understood that on the morning and evening of April 22, the Beijing New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group held a meeting to continuously schedule the epidemic disposal work.

  At the press conference that night, Xu Hejian pointed out, "The epidemic reported tonight has made us highly vigilant, and we must not relax in any way about epidemic prevention and control. The prevention and control press conference was held overnight to report the latest epidemic situation, so that the epidemic situation will be reported within the night, and the epidemic situation will not be released overnight. Disposal does not last overnight, the purpose is to remind citizens and friends to take personal protection."

  The epidemic prevention and control conference held overnight is not only this time.

  On the evening of April 25, the second epidemic prevention and control conference of the day was held.

At the meeting, it was notified to further expand the scope of regional screening. From April 26 to 30, personnel from 11 districts carried out three rounds of nucleic acid testing.

  The effect of large-scale screening is remarkable.

At the press conference on April 27, Li Ang, spokesman of the Beijing Municipal Health and Health Commission, introduced that in the first round of regional nucleic acid screening, 12 tubes of mixed sampling were positive in the initial screening, and Chaoyang, Tongzhou, Fengtai, Haidian, Shunyi, Daxing, and Shijingshan were all positive. involved.

"Location management and control, review and transfer, and flow adjustment and traceability have been carried out simultaneously. This has played a positive role in effectively blocking the spread of the virus."

  Continue to respond to concerns about "guaranteed supply" of materials

  In the early days of the epidemic, panic about the shortage of supplies was the first to spread among the public.

At the press conference on the epidemic, the latest information on the supply guarantee was reported for the first time many times, and responses were made according to the concerns of the public that day.

  After the closure and control, whether the material supply and distribution can keep up is related to the basic living security of the residents in the region.

On April 23, Chaoyang District immediately responded to the issue of regional material security after the closure and control area was notified.

  Yang Beibei, deputy head of Chaoyang District, introduced that key stores and supermarkets have increased inventory supply; the government has established a government reserve for daily necessities; started a whitelist for takeaway delivery, and launched volunteers in the closure and control areas to ensure logistics delivery to households; Special needs of maternity, children, the elderly and basic patients.

  With the increase in the number of reported cases, many citizens in low-risk areas choose to buy and reserve some daily necessities, and some e-commerce platforms have surged in short-term orders and cannot place orders.

  On April 24, Zhao Weidong, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, responded to the relevant situation. He said that according to recent monitoring, the city's daily necessities market has sufficient supply and normal transactions; the daily necessities market supply and logistics distribution are stable, and the market supply is normal and orderly. .

  On April 25, the supply guarantee measures continued to increase.

In response to the phenomenon of increased consumption in some community outlets and chain stores in a short period of time, Zhao Weidong said at the press conference that the chain supermarkets will increase the amount of direct vegetable harvesting in other bases at a scale of more than three times the daily scale, and double the average daily sales volume. Keep stock, and open half an hour earlier and close at night from the 25th.

On the 26th, it began to put 100 tons of government egg reserves.

  In response to problems such as the inability to place orders and delivery delays on e-commerce platforms, on April 27, Zhao Weidong said that he called on citizens to make full use of the surrounding offline supermarket outlets, adopt offline shopping methods, and leave as much space for online ordering as possible. Friends in the sealed area, it is convenient for them to place an order for purchase.

  Since then, at the daily press conference, the relevant persons in charge of each district will emphasize that the material reserves are sufficient, continue to increase the guarantee of material supply, smooth the distribution channels, and keep express delivery and takeaway.

On May 13, relevant municipal departments issued guidelines for the prevention and control of supermarkets, front warehouses, and takeaway delivery personnel during the epidemic, and further standardized the work of ensuring residents' daily necessities.

  In the Yuegezhuang wholesale market, which was temporarily closed due to the epidemic, at a press conference on May 21, the Municipal Commerce Bureau stated that the transaction had been transferred to the other six wholesale markets in an orderly manner.

At present, the Xinfadi wholesale market is operating normally and transactions are stable.

The vegetable transaction in the Jinxiu Dadi wholesale market was normal, and the wholesale pork transaction began to resume on the evening of May 21.

  Thanks and likes at the press conference

  After learning that he was in close contact, Zhang Xu took the initiative to report to the street and the community, and self-isolated in his private car for more than ten hours. good neighbour".

At the epidemic prevention and control conference on April 28, Pang Xinghuo specifically mentioned him.

  Pang Xinghuo said, "His textbook-like epidemic prevention behavior not only protected the residents of the community, but also reduced the risk of social transmission, and bought precious time for epidemic prevention and control. The prevention and control of infectious diseases involves each of us, and only everyone is like this one. Just like a 'good neighbor of China', a strict safety net can be established to effectively block the spread of the virus. This citizen has a general understanding of the general situation, takes the overall situation into consideration, and strictly implements his personal responsibility for prevention and control, setting an example for us. For this A big compliment from a good citizen of the capital's anti-epidemic model!"

  This is not the only one who was "liked" at the press conference.

  At the nucleic acid detection point in Shibailidian, Chaoyang District, a staff member suffered from acute edema of the respiratory tract due to Yang Xu's allergy and was unable to breathe normally. The situation is very urgent.

On the way to the hospital and treatment, the staff member sobbed frequently because of his sudden illness, for fear of delaying the epidemic prevention work.

  Yang Beibei, the deputy head of Chaoyang District, mentioned the staff member at the press conference. She said, "Behind every touching story, we feel that at this moment, Chaoyang is not fighting alone. The heart and hands are connected, it is the surging power of the rising sun."

  Netizen "Shui Muding" is in the closed area. On April 26, he published an article on the We Media. From a first-person perspective and personal experience, he explained Beijing's epidemic prevention ideas and policies, and explained that he could not stay in the closed area. Households, door-to-door nucleic acid; control area without leaving the area, staggered nucleic acid; emphasizing rational anti-anxiety and fear.

  On April 29, Xu Hejian expressed his gratitude to "Shui Muding" for his interpretation, understanding and support of Beijing's epidemic prevention policy. We will continue to do a good job in the release and interpretation of the epidemic prevention policy, and work together with everyone to overcome the epidemic.

  On May 6, Yang Beibei's speech at the press conference touched many netizens.

That day was the second day after the "May 1st" holiday, and also the second day of working from home in Chaoyang District, "We know that everyone's work and life have changed a lot these days. On the trip, I can’t take my family out for a big meal. The children have also temporarily left the campus life, and the company is also moving forward with a heavy burden, showing responsibility and responsibility. Here, we sincerely say thank you: everyone has worked hard It's gone." Yang Beibei said that this unusual quietness will bring about the quickest recovery of daily life.

  Memorabilia of the Beijing Epidemic Prevention and Control Conference

  ●April 22

  A press conference was held late at night, and the confirmed cases involved elderly tourist groups in Beijing suburbs, decoration staff and school students, and it was initially judged that the risk of future transmission was high.

  ●April 23

  A total of 20 cases of infection have been reported, and the preliminary epidemiological results suggest that it has been hidden for a week.

  ●April 25

  Further expand the scope of regional screening. From the 26th to the 30th, three rounds of nucleic acid testing will be carried out for personnel in 11 districts including Dongcheng and Xicheng.

  ●April 28

  Primary and secondary schools in Beijing will have a one-day early holiday.

  ●May 1

  Xiaotangshan Fangcai Hospital was officially opened.

  ●May 3

  Persons in medium and high-risk areas, persons in towns and towns with one or more cases of infection, persons in closed control areas and temporary control areas, and "Beijing Health Treasure" pop-up personnel are strictly controlled to leave Beijing.

  ●May 5

  Personnel working or living in Chaoyang District and the public transportation operation adjustment area shall implement home office and "point-to-point" closed-loop management.

  ●May 14

  A total of more than 1,000 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been reported.

  ●May 16

  Fengtai District started working from home.

  ●May 21

  From 12:00 on May 21 to 12:00 on May 28, Haidian District will implement enhanced control measures and work from home.

  Written by / Beijing News reporter Ma Jinqian