The animated film "Bad Guys", which is currently in theaters, has made a splash at the May Film Market.

The film is composed of wolves, snakes, sharks, spiders and piranhas to form a "villain group", and they work together to fight against the big villain, the guinea pig, which is very popular.

In animated films, having charming and lovable "villain" characters as the protagonists often unexpectedly pops out of the circle.

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Nick the Fox VS Badass

  The animated film "Bad Guys" is adapted from the best-selling comic book of the same name. The protagonists are five "bad guys" in the image of animals. In the movie, they are "bad guys" who commit crimes.

The Bad Guys were proud of their criminal achievements, but after Mayor Diane Fox called them a gang of idle scoundrels, they decided to steal the Golden Dolphin trophy that the mayor will present to the Model Citizen.

At the last moment, the Bad Guys Alliance was exposed and caught, but the model citizen of the year, Professor guinea pig, stood up to intercede for them and asked the citizens to give these criminals a chance to reform, but things are not so simple...

  The next plot reversal of the film is expected by the audience, but fortunately, the story sets up a fun-filled process of revealing the truth.

In terms of character setting, "Bad Guys" is very similar to the animated film "Zootopia", and both have a contrasting protagonist of "bad guys become good guys, villains become heroes".

  There is a "bad" fox Nick in "Zootopia". He used to sell ice lollies to earn 200 dollars a day by trickery, but when he cooperated with the rabbit police officer to solve the case, he became a hero who sneaked into the surveillance system to help solve the case.

  In the "Group of Five" of "Bad Guys", the big bad wolf of the "Yuppie" style will wag his tail unconsciously when he is praised, the irritable piranha will fart when he is nervous, the greedy snake is only I wanted to be a "bad guy", but in the end, I successfully destroyed the big conspiracy of the villain guinea pig, and the scene of dropping the "meteorite" became the climax of the reversal of the whole film.

Compared with the real villains and big conspirators, the so-called "bad guy five" in "Bad Guys" can wag their tails, save kittens, and show off singing and dancing. Such "bad guy protagonists" are very cute and cute.

 "Contrast Moe" is the traffic password

  When it comes to "bad guy" protagonists in animated films, Gru in the series "Despicable Me" should be a household name.

In the first installment of the Despicable Me series, Gru, the "villain", threatens his neighbors to kill the dog that poops in his yard, and works with the Minions to steal the moon.

"Bad Daddy" Gru accidentally adopted three daughters with different personalities. In the process of getting along with his daughters, "Bad" Gru would dress up as a magic fairy to celebrate his daughter's birthday and be afraid of his own dog. , and even use the moon in exchange for his daughter, and take the initiative to kiss the minions, digging out the warm side of his heart.

The contrast of the "villain" protagonist is cute, giving the audience the most real moving.

  There are cute and charming villains in films such as "Hotel Elf" and "The Secret Pet", which also left a deep impression on the audience.

The "Hotel Elf" series of animated films officially launched in 2012 brought together a number of villain images, but through the shaping of these characters "returning evil and returning to justice", it brought a fresh viewing experience to the audience.

  In "Hotel Elf", the vampire Count Dracula will take off the vampire's signature black cape and put on a floral shirt on a beach vacation. The style of painting is very healing and relaxing.

It also does not drink human blood, because "there are many brands of artificial blood, and the taste is very positive".

In the film, the mummy turns into a "flexible fat man" who is good at dancing. The setting of the Werewolf Wayne couple is also cute and simple like a puppy, because their favorite thing is to play throwing and catching.

As for Dracula's friend Frank the Frankenstein, the image setting is very simple and honest.

These monsters used the most familiar identities and the most villain-like appearances in "Hotel Elf" to present a hilarious movie effect with contrasting cuteness.

  The traffic password of the "bad guy protagonist" can be loved by the audience, probably because of this strong sense of contrast.

In addition to the setting of "bad people become good", "good people become bad" also applies.

For example, in the animated film "The Secret Life of Pets" released in 2016, there is a rabbit that subverts the simple and cute image.

This rabbit is the leader of the "Anti-Human" organization in New York City. It gathers a group of pets that have been abandoned by humans and plots how to attack humans.

In the film, this rabbit lives in a sewer pipe, with a cute appearance and a wild heart. When he appears on stage, he brings a sense of image subversion to the audience.

The furry it was standing on the road holding carrots, looking pitiful and cute, but the next second the big guy in the dog hunting brigade was knocked to the ground by the rabbit.

This kind of "both good and evil" villain has changed people's stereotypes in the past, and the occasional cute plot makes fans unable to help but shout cute.