The debate is raging between INSEE and SNCF.

The statistical institute assures that the prices of train tickets have increased by 15.3% over the past three months while the carrier defends itself by advancing a drop of 7% since June 2021, reports BFMTV.

An automated data collection system

INSEE is formal: the prices of "passenger transport by train" have exploded.

In detail, the cost increased by 11.7% in February compared to the same period in 2021, by 13.8% in March and then by 14.6% in April.

In order to establish this observation, the institute collected data via the Internet on train ticket sales sites using an automated system for travelers with or without a reduction card and according to different purchase anteriorities, from 2 days 60 days before train departure.

A methodology that takes into account the real-time evolution of the ticket price charged by the SNCF, according to the filling rate of the train.

INSEE figures are "false" according to SNCF

On social networks, travelers seem to share INSEE's analysis.

Many put forward sometimes exorbitant prices, sometimes making the plane more competitive than the train.

But the SNCF ensures that this is not the case.

The carrier even goes so far as to qualify the INSEE figures as “false”.

He says prices have fallen by 7% since June 2021 and the launch of the Advantage card.

The difference between the figures of INSEE and those of the SNCF is explained by very different calculation methods, which however still do not make it possible to know if the prices of train tickets are rising or falling in France.


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