China News Agency, Xining, May 22, title: The first anniversary of the Qinghai Maduo earthquake: the new campus is beautiful and comfortable to win the first battle of reconstruction

  China News Agency reporter Sun Rui

  On May 22, the first anniversary of the "5.22" earthquake in Maduo, Qinghai.

  On May 22, 2021, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred in Maduo County, Qinghai Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, known as "the first county at the source of the Yellow River", which affected 14,490 people in 6,200 households and damaged 1,665 houses.

Some commentators said that the earthquake created a world miracle with zero deaths and few injuries among the major earthquakes.

  According to the official Weibo account of China National Seismological Network, the Maduo earthquake was the largest earthquake in China after the Wenchuan earthquake.

After the earthquake, the local government organized efforts to build tent schools and resumed schools and classes within 3 days.

  In 2021, in order to ensure the normal start of school for middle and primary school (kindergarten) students in Maduo County in autumn, the county will carry out transitional resettlement in two ways: local resettlement and off-site resettlement for 2,933 students in the preschool and compulsory education stages.

Among them, students in the pre-school stage are uniformly placed and transitioned on the spot, and some elementary school students and all junior high school students in the compulsory education stage are placed in different places.

  "I remember that on the day of the earthquake, we were all placed in the disaster relief tent on the school playground. Although the weather was cold, the uncles and aunts brought us military coats that day, and the tent was also equipped with a stove, which instantly warmed up in the tent. Teacher He also took us to review our homework, as usual." Gerenci, a student of the ethnic boarding primary school in Maduo County, recalled, "In September last year, we came to the new campus to study and live and bid farewell to the tent classroom."

  "When I first arrived (the new campus), I was a little uncomfortable. The classmates in the class are from different schools, and the dormitory is also." De Shajie, a student of the ethnic boarding primary school in Maduo County, told reporters, but the environment here is very good, and the classrooms are very good. It is spacious and bright, the dormitory is very warm, and the canteen is very clean. The happiest thing is that there are flowers and trees here, which is very good.

  The person in charge of the Guoluo State Education Bureau said: "Based on the scientific assessment of the disaster situation, we have selected four schools in the state with better construction quality and less impact from the earthquake as transitional resettlement school districts. In order to maintain and strengthen, according to 50 students in each class, teachers and logistics resources are reasonably allocated to ensure the quality of teaching and life in the school, and to ensure that children in the disaster area have a safe and comfortable classroom environment.”

  "The environment of the new campus is very good, each bed in the dormitory is equipped with quilts and blankets, the classrooms are brightly lit, the cafeteria is clean and hygienic, and the teachers take good care of the children, so we can rest assured that the children go to school here. ." Said the parent of the student Caizhong.

  "In the past year, we have innovated and established the working mechanism and model of 'one household, one file' and 'eight joint signatures', repaired and strengthened 13,911 households of B and C-level housing for farmers and herdsmen, and arranged for 2,863 D-level reconstruction households to temporarily invest in relatives and friends. The transitional resettlement has enabled 2,933 students and 322 teachers to be properly resettled and the fall semester started as scheduled, fully completing the three major tasks of 2021, 'the masses will spend the winter warmly, students will go to school normally, and facilities will operate normally', and the post-disaster recovery in Maduo County has been won. The first battle of reconstruction." said Chen Xifa, deputy county magistrate of Maduo County.