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Forget boring lettuce salads and stuff, this dish is so much more versatile than that.

In fact,

all kinds of combinations

can be made , adapted to the needs of each person, which will make you want to enjoy them again and again.

You can bet on more or less caloric recipes, which prioritize legumes, pasta or protein.

Or simply opt for one or the other depending on the day, most of them have ingredients that anyone can have in their fridge.

10 easy and healthy salads for summer

A perfect salad recipe for hot days consists of a base of

Batavia lettuce

, to which you will have to add

cooked white beans

, cut smoked salmon, chopped tomato and chopped spring onion.

To finish it off, season it with a splash of oil and vinegar and salt to taste.

Delicious, especially if before consuming it is kept at least for a while in the refrigerator so that it is fresh.

Another possibility starts with a good amount of lamb's

lettuce and

bow-tie type pasta.

Cheese, ham and tomato will be added to this mixture in small tacos, as well as a portion of chickpea hummus.

It will be necessary to remove everything so that it is incorporated correctly and add salt and pepper.

The trick is that the pasta, once cooked, is rinsed with cold water to prevent it from continuing to cook due to the heat and, also, to add freshness to the salad.

An alternative, but continuing with the pasta, would be a mixture of arugula, chopped

fresh cheese

, cherry tomatoes and black olives.

Seasoned with a pinch of oregano.

Another option of this style is to add cherry tomatoes, chopped roasted pepper, corn, feta cheese

and a couple of generous tablespoons of hummus

to a portion of spiral pasta .

And a fourth possibility with macaroni and lamb's lettuce consists of integrating a good handful of fresh spinach, natural tuna and

pesto sauce


But, if you're more into the idea of ​​going protein, you'll also enjoy a


salad .

With romaine lettuce and chicken cooked in strips, croutons, Parmesan cheese and the classic Caesar sauce.

And did you know a

Greek variant


This typical salad has lettuce, pear tomato, red onion, black olives, fresh cheese and apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil to top, as well as a little oregano.

The famous

Caprese salad

is very popular, very quick to make and delicious.

All you have to do is cut a tomato and mozzarella cheese into slices, place them on a plate and add basil leaves on top and season with balsamic vinegar, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper.


Of course, a recipe with one of the star ingredients of salads could not be missing:



Smoked salmon, prawns, avocados and walnuts will be added to a mixture of lamb's lettuce and arugula to give it a crunchy touch.

If you can't resist, pour a little mayonnaise on top for more flavor.

Those who prefer a more forceful dish can add

cooked potato

to the lettuce , as well as other chopped ingredients such as tomato, spring onion, red pepper, boiled egg, tuna and black olives.

Even green beans for greater presence of vegetables.

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