Shanghai's inter-district public transportation will gradually resume today

  At 7:00 on May 22, a No. 49 bus pulled out from the Shanghai Caoxi Road bus hub; at the same time, at the Shanghai Railway Station of Shanghai Metro Line 3, the deputy stationmaster Zhu Lin had come to the vehicle control room to start work. .

On the same day, Shanghai's inter-district public transportation started to resume, involving a total of 4 rail transit lines and 273 bus lines.

  It is reported that the currently restored public transport lines are mainly the long-term subway lines with high coverage, supplemented by the corresponding ground bus lines.

After Shanghai Rail Transit Line 3, Line 6, Line 10, and Line 16 resume operation, the current operating hours are from 7:00 to 20:00, and the driving interval is about 20 minutes.

The 273 bus lines that have been given priority to resume operation mainly serve Shanghai airports, railway stations, tertiary hospitals and central hospitals in various districts.

The operating unit will optimize the line frequency interval according to the epidemic situation and the forecast of travel demand.

  At present, passengers taking public transportation must wear masks properly, hold a green health code, have a negative nucleic acid certificate within 48 hours, and have a normal body temperature.

In addition, passengers need to scan the "place code" when getting on the bus.

(Reporters Wang Chenyang, You Zhixin)