Gone are the days when the good old terrestrial TV broadcasters used their TV programs to dictate when you watched which film and when it was “closing time”.

Gone are the days when you could count the streaming services for films and series on one hand.

It was probably not least the corona pandemic that turned us all into couch potatoes, at least more than we would like.

There are now well over twenty streaming services with different repertoires in the German-speaking area alone - and today you can see almost every well-known film if you know which service it is on.

One possibility would be to browse Netflix, Amazon Prime and whatever they are called manually one after the other and use the search engines there.

However, it is much more practical to use the www.werstreamt.es portal.

Here you can simply type in the name of the film or series in the search field at the top left, and only a little later you will find out which streaming services are currently running the film.

But that's not all: The list of results also shows the languages ​​and dubbings in which the film is available on the respective service.

This is especially important for those who would like to watch the movie in its original version with (or without) subtitles.

In addition to the pure availability of the films, the database also displays further information about the film, for example summaries of the content or direct links to further Internet sites such as Wikipedia or the Internet Movie Data Base.

Now our question:

Which American series is not about crazy men, even though the name of the series suggests it is?

Please send this name as a solution proposal to netzraetsel@faz.de.

The closing date for entries is May 25, 2022, 9 p.m.

The solution to last week's puzzle was "Kamo", the winner will be notified in writing.