Houlang actor "Twenty Not Confused"

  Unconsciously, the entertainment industry has iterated to the post-00s generation.

Middle-aged actors speak according to their strengths. The stars of the "85 and 90" traffic era are active in the works of the commercialized assembly line, and they have become popular enough for a long time.

After reaching the post-00s, it seems that competing for traffic is no longer a compulsory course. They quietly find their own position, and calmly polish their acting skills in their works. In their twenties, they have the judgment of "the age of no confusion".

  Reporter Li Rui Intern Li Jing


  At the 34th China Film Golden Rooster Awards Ceremony at the end of last year, among the 9 actors who were shortlisted for the Best Actor and Actress awards, three post-00 actors, Yi Yangqianxi, Zhang Zifeng and Liu Haocun, were particularly eye-catching.

  Yi Yangqianxi debuted in 2013 through the idol group TFBOYS. The public's impression of him has long stayed on the stage as a little boy who sang "follow my left hand and right hand in slow motion".

In 2019, the high-quality drama "Twelve Hours in Chang'an" was born. Yi Yang Qianxi played an important role in the play, Li Mi. This is a genius boy with arrogance and strong aura.

In front of all the actors, Yi Yangqianxi's performance was quite satisfactory, not amazing, and even caused some controversy in the handling of lines, but for a newcomer who had not received systematic performance training at that time, most of the audience were an attitude of encouragement.

Director Cao Dun gave him a very high evaluation: "He has the possibility of becoming a master, which includes professional ability and self-discipline."

  Shortly after the broadcast of "Twelve Hours in Chang'an", Yi Yangqianxi appeared in the movie "Youth of You". He abandoned the delicacy of idol stars from the image, and played the unkempt, fighting and troublesome gangster Xiaobei all day long.

This role has a lot of room to play. During the shooting, Yi Yang Qianxi stayed in the abandoned prefab house under the bridge for a long time, lying on a dirty bed to feel the characters, and then gradually dissected Xiaobei's spiritual world. Lead the audience into the world of characters.

The two high-quality works have already made the audience recognize Yi Yang Qianxi as an actor.

He once said in an interview: "I was chosen when I was thirteen or fourteen, so when I was seventeen or eighteen, I started to find what I wanted."

  Only three years after he officially entered the film industry, Yi Yangqianxi has produced many dazzling works such as "Give You a Little Red Flower", "Changjin Lake", "Miracle · Stupid Child", and then he also Will cooperate with Lou Ye in the new film "Three Words".

As Zhang Ziyi once commented: "There are very few actors who have traffic and absolute strength. Yi Yang Qianxi has set an excellent example in the field of traffic."

  On the way of acting, Zhang Zifeng, who starred in "Tangshan Earthquake" at the age of 8, can be regarded as the best among her peers. At that time, she became the youngest winner of the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Newcomer by virtue of the role of Fang Deng in the film. , The ignorant clear eyes and the tears that still lingered broke the hearts of the audience.

Later, she was well known to the audience for her works such as "Little Farewell" and "Take My Brother Away".

  "Detective Chinatown" is one of the turning points in Zhang Zifeng's acting career.

At the end of the film, Sinuo's meaningful evil smile made the audience shudder; in "Hello, Zhihua", Zhang Zifeng was once again seen by the audience. Her performance of Xiaozhihua made director Iwai Shunji feel very similar to Zhou Xun: " As soon as the machine is turned on, she becomes this character."

  When it comes to "My Sister", Zhang Zifeng goes one step further.

This is the image of a sensitive, lonely and unwilling girl. When faced with the need to raise a younger brother who is 10 years younger than him, Zhang Zifeng interprets the character in a figurative and layered way. When facing his younger brother, he feels anger, helplessness, pity and heartache. , The alienation and indifference that always shrouded the characters are very empathetic to the audience.

In terms of explosive scenes, Zhang Zifeng interprets it more accurately. She contributed many crying scenes in "My Sister". She cried helplessly when facing the portrait of her parents, and she was unwilling and angry when discussing "responsibility" with her aunt. Very infectious.

With the blessing of many high-quality works, Zhang Zifeng has become a representative of the post-00s acting school.

Even in the cameo appearance in the group drama "Chinese Doctor", she can successfully attract attention with only a very short shot and a few simple lines.

Zhang Zifeng said in an interview: "I don't think people can grow up suddenly overnight. I just accumulate over time, little by little, it's the kind of gradual growth."

  Wu Lei's most well-known role before "Midsummer Future" is the unparalleled but somewhat cute Fei Liu in "Langya Bang".

After "Langya Bang", although the number of Wu Lei's works is quite large, it is difficult for any character to be on a par with Fei Liu in terms of attention.

The teenager grew up like a willow branch, but the audience was immersed in the filter of "younger brother".

Until "Midsummer Future", the handsome and sunny Zheng Yuxing satisfied all the audience's imaginations about boyfriends in youth stories.

In "My Parents and Me", Wu Lei plays the anti-Japanese hero Cheng Feng, who is short-headed, resolute, and powerful. He also contributed many difficult action scenes such as riding sideways and horseback shooting, interpreting the long-standing cavalry soldiers on the battlefield. Very in place, can not help but let the audience sigh: my brother has grown into a tough guy.


  This year's young actors have a characteristic. Except for their works and activities, they rarely appear on the hot search list. "No business if necessary" is a daily state for them to cherish their feathers and maintain themselves, and it is also the most important thing about "not confused". Good interpretation.

  Yi Yang Qianxi likes to "retreat" from time to time.

When filming "Changjin Lake", he spent more than half a year in the crew. Except for the activities of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala and the Golden Rooster Awards, he basically did not see any movement from him.

After the movie was completed, Yi Yangqianxi published a Vlog of "A boring day, go out for a walk". In the black and white filter, he was wearing sunglasses and eating ice cream, walking around the streets like an "old man", and sitting in his childhood Often take the bus, feel the steaming fireworks.

On the occasion of his 21st birthday, Yi Yangqianxi released a new song "Four Character Song". The song is his commentary on his journey along the way, his reflection on his growth, and his self-alert and warning, "'There is traffic' this The label doesn't need to be removed, because that's not their definition of you that I can control. But 'powerful' is something I can control."

  This restrained precociousness and maturity also appeared in Zhang Zifeng.

Maybe there is no fault in acting. Many people focus on her appearance and dressing taste, and think she is ugly and unattractive, but these voices did not affect Zhang Zifeng's "being yourself".

She loves to record her life. She once posted on Weibo the moss dug up from the mountains and her own paintings. She also likes to take all kinds of "tools" to observe the city, sometimes to see the insects on the roadside, sometimes Will ride with clouds on trails that have never been set before, with no destination.

In "Longing for Life", the picture of her holding a guitar and singing "Hug" is quiet and beautiful. "Yesterday is too close, tomorrow is too far, silently listen to the dark night..." The singing is melodious and affectionate, making this smiling neighbor sister more sunny Some gentle, mysterious.

  Regarding performance, Zhang Zifeng bluntly said that he used to rely on intuition, but he does not want to stay in the comfort zone in the future: "I am adjusting and trying now, and maybe not all of them are right, and some may even be inappropriate, but I feel that I need to take a step forward. This step, or you will stay in your comfort zone, there may be no way to make greater progress.”

  Wu Lei's personality is full of vitality. He often posts cycling videos on social platforms. He appears without makeup and does not shave his moustache. The colorful cycling clothes make him more youthful.

In the video, Wu Lei's performance is very professional, and all the equipment is complete. Other friends during the trip couldn't insist on stopping to rest. He said that he didn't need it, "I can ride another ten kilometers!"

 work hard

  After the waves are turbulent, more young actors born in the 00s are also actively exerting their efforts.

  Wen Qi, who was born in 2003, is a typical "God treats you to eat" type. His eyes have a story, and his acting is full of aura. The two masterpieces have been completed perfectly.

In "Carnival", Wen Qi plays Xiaomi, a waiter in a small hotel. Xiaomi is a "black household". After witnessing a sexual assault case, she remained silent as the only witness.

Calm, sophisticated, precocious, and social, Wen Qi performed the inner struggle of a marginalized person. No one dared to imagine that this was a work handed over by a 12-year-old child.

  Wen Qi's performance in "Blood Avalokitesvara" is even more amazing.

The twisted family environment makes Tang Zhen, the pure and kind young daughter, very black-bellied.

How good is Wen Qi?

After listening to my mother's excuse of "for your own good", in the 10-second shot, the expression changed from contempt and absurdity to slowly turning to unwillingness and anger; when watching the dying girlfriend stop breathing, fear, sadness, and expectation are three All kinds of emotions appeared on Wen Qi's face at the same time.

The precise manipulation of emotions and details has created a chilling "Tang Zhen".

After two successful works, Wen Qi changed his Weibo name "Tong Xing Wen Qi" to "Actor Wen Qi".

  Zhao Jinmai and Li Gengxi are new players who have emerged in recent years.

Zhao Jinmai and Zhang Zifeng have similar styles. Both of them have acted in works such as "Little Farewell" and "Take My Brother Away", as well as "Youth School" with a similar theme, but the great ambassador of "Wandering Earth" Zhao Jinmai directly entered the ranks of 4 billion+ actors at the box office; in "The Beginning" at the beginning of this year, Zhao Jinmai played the role of Li Shiqing, a college student, who showed anxiety, panic, despair, panic and other states when the bus exploded one after another, making the audience Can not help but into it.

  Li Gengxi is well-known to the audience for his role as Qiao Yingzi in "Little Joy", and he is not inferior to Tao Hong's drama, which can be called "fight to fame".

Later, she played the leading role in "Beyond", playing the short track speed skating teenager Chen Mian in the play.

Talking about career planning in this year's interview, Li Geng said calmly: "I worked hard last year, and this year I want to adjust. If I meet a good script, I will accept it; if I don't, I can wait."

  Hu Xianxu, who is also a child star, has made great progress in his acting skills from "Little Farewell" to "The Wind in Langya List" to "Chess Soul".

Ren Min, who starred in "Sadness Against the Current River", "Qing Ping Le" and "Ten Years of One Product Wen Ruyan", has a unique "broken feeling" temperament.

"The Sky of the Wind Dog Boy", "Everything About My Mom" ​​and "I Want Us to Be Together" let Zhang Jingyi's young heroine image enter the hearts of the audience.

Rong Zishan, who was born in 2006, became famous with the role of Zhu Chaoyang in "The Hidden Corner". "The Old Man of Mountains and Rivers" and "Secret Visitor" are also his masterpieces. He has a pair of melancholy drooping eyes and a full sense of story. This summer, he will also Cooperate with Huang Bo to bring the new movie "Mozart in Outer Space".