Counseling is not diplomacy: in her new novel, Lucy Fricke tells the story of a consular general in Istanbul who disregards the requirements of her office in order to save three people.

And on the advice of her colleague in the legal department not to drive the car under any circumstances.

Andrea Diener

Editor in the Feuilleton.

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Fridtjof Küchemann

Editor in the Feuilleton.

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Even in the author's last, highly acclaimed novel, "Töchter", a middle-aged woman sat behind the wheel with a queasy feeling.

Back then it was about the family, now it's about the country.

We talked to Lucy Fricke about "The Diplomat", about research in Istanbul and Uruguay, about the humor of the diplomats, freedom, which in Turkey is not the last to die but is the bread of the poor there, about political persecution and a unprecedented human solidarity.

A new literature puzzle, a farewell and a greeting round off this episode of the books podcast.

"Die Diplomatin" by Lucy Fricke was published by Claassen, has 256 pages and costs 22 euros.

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