China News Service, May 22. According to the official Weibo news of the Changping Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, recently, the Changping police received an alarm from a nucleic acid testing agency, saying that during the inspection process of the nucleic acid collection business, someone was found to be on the job with a fake nurse practitioner certificate.

After investigation, the suspects He Moumou (male, 35 years old) and Yin Moumou (male, 36 years old) were applying for work related to nucleic acid collection, and fraudulently obtained qualifications for nucleic acid sampling by forging and purchasing false nurse practitioner certificates.

  On May 21, when the two people participated in the sampling work at a nucleic acid testing site in Shisanling Town, Changping District, the inspection staff of the testing agency discovered that their qualifications were fraudulent, and were later arrested by the Changping police.

At present, He Moumou and Yin Moumou have been taken criminal compulsory measures by Changping Public Security Bureau in accordance with the law, and the case is under further work.

  The Changping Branch of the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau stated that the police will severely crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal acts that interfere with the epidemic prevention work by unqualified personnel who use false qualification certificates to participate in nucleic acid collection and testing, and interfere with the development of epidemic prevention work.