China News Service, Nanning, May 22 (Reporter Lin Yanhua) Experience immersive art training in the blue bricks and gray tiles of Nanning's Three Streets and Two Lanes Cultural District, feel the beauty of Chinese painting in the brush and ink, and touch the heartstrings by the folk song lake Interpreting the cultural customs of Zhuang Township... On May 22, "Forward a New Journey" May 23 Guangxi National Art Popularization Month and Nanning Public Cultural Service Month were launched in Nanning.

  The launching ceremony of the main venue of the day was held in the Nanning Sanjie Liangxiang Cultural District. The head of the Huadan was around him, the masters performed traditional skills, the cross talk actors talked and sang, allegro, dance, chorus, magic, instrumental music, folk song duet and other artistic features The activities were displayed on the spot, and "immersion" became popular, and the general public chose to "experience", "feel" and "learn".

Photo courtesy of Nanning Mass Art Museum, Folk Song Culture Show

  Liu Sanjie is the most representative cultural tourism business card in Guangxi. In order to vigorously promote the inheritance and development of "Liu Sanjie Culture", further promote the spirit of volunteer service, and cultivate a volunteer service team rooted at the grassroots level, with wide dissemination power and strong vitality, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Cultural and The Tourism Department decided to establish the "Liu Sanjie Cultural Tourism Volunteer Service Team" in the cultural and tourism industries at all levels in the region, and issued plaques to the first 16 cultural and tourism units of the "Liu Sanjie Cultural Tourism Volunteer Service Team" at the launching ceremony.

In addition, plaques will be awarded to regions that have won the title of "Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art" in 2021-2023.

The first batch of "Liu Sanjie Cultural Tourism Volunteer Service Team" plaques were awarded.

Photo courtesy of Nanning Mass Art Museum

  In recent years, Guangxi has taken multiple measures to strengthen the optimization and integration of public cultural resources, and actively explore new forms and new ways of popularizing art for all.

Since 2017, Guangxi has established May 23 every year as the "National Art Popularization Day", becoming the first province in the country to establish a series of activities to promote the "National Art Popularization Day".

In 2022, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region formulated and issued the "Implementation Plan for the Series of Activities of "Forging a New Journey and Prospering Guangxi". On the premise of normalized epidemic prevention and control, the overall planning of the region's annual mass cultural activities To carry out, it is clear to upgrade the "Popularization Day" to "Popularization Month", and link cultural centers, public libraries, museums and other public cultural venues at all levels throughout the region, and carry out more than 1,000 art popularization activities online and offline for a month. The content of the activities is more colorful, the scale of the activities is further expanded, and the influence of the activities is further enhanced.

The picture shows the Allegro training experience.

Photo courtesy of Nanning Mass Art Museum

  Tang Zhengzhu, a first-level inspector of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said that the Guangxi National Art Popularization Month series of activities will popularize art knowledge through "big platforms", "big exhibitions" to popularize art appreciation, "big exhibitions" to popularize fine art, "big forums" The popularization of art skills and "big service" popularization of art activities aims to promote the popularization of art into the daily life of the masses, make life more aesthetically pleasing, continuously enhance the sense of cultural happiness, gain, and satisfaction, and further strengthen the sense of community of the Chinese nation.