On May 22, Changsha, Hunan, on the first anniversary of Yuan Longping's death, 23 academicians gathered at the Hunan Academy of Agricultural Sciences to jointly plant the "Academician Forest" to convey the idea of ​​educating people, inherit the fire, inspire innovation, and carry forward the tree-planting trip. Yuan Longping's spirit of scientific and technological innovation creates a strong atmosphere of respecting knowledge and talents.

  [Concurrent] Xie Huaan, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

  The innovation goal of hybrid rice in the future, I think, should be bred into high-yield, high-quality, resistance and wide-adaptive hybrid rice that integrates these four characteristics at a high level, which is super rice for rice.

Therefore, Mr. Yuan Longping's last wish, we should pay more attention to joint research on super hybrid rice, and develop the spirit of collaborative research and selfless dedication of Mr. Yuan during his lifetime.

  (Reporter Xu Zhixiong Deng Xia)

Responsible editor: [Lu Yan]