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The dream pajamas of Anne-Sophie Lange and Aliénor Schillio for Nêge Paris

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Aliénor Schillio and Anne-Sophie Lange, founders of Nêge Paris © Nêge Paris

By: Maria Afonso

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Aliénor Schillio and Anne-Sophie Lange met during their studies, they then worked in large groups.

Very quickly tired of the procedures of these large companies, they wanted freedom and to create.

They therefore initiated a project in accordance with their values ​​and their personalities, which are certainly different, but which combine two passions: pajamas and pretty prints.

This is how their eco-responsible pajama brand, Nêge Paris, was born. 


We wanted a very short name that would be very cocooning, the idea of ​​snow and the analogy to the word dream, there is a circumflex accent in Nêge, we simply want to snuggle up under the duvet, and this side dream that we appreciate very much.

Anne-Sophie Lange, co-creator of the Nêge Paris pajama brand. 

According to a study by the videoconferencing platform Zoom, one in two teleworkers has already made a videoconference in pajamas!

Summer collection - Nêge Paris © Nêge Paris


Nêge Paris

brand launched after a year 2020, for many spent in casual outfits, is a brand entirely dedicated to pajamas to be worn night and day, indoors and outdoors.

The brand is engaged in a process of co-creation.

This is an original process that offers the brand community the opportunity to vote on every detail: the cuts of the pajamas, the colors, the prints.

Innovative co-creation process


We often give the example of trouser lengths and three-quarter sleeves to show that there are technical aspects and that these pajamas were not created from scratch, by one person in an office, who would not necessarily have taken into account the wishes of the customers

”, explains 

Aliénor Schillio



It may still be a small brand, not necessarily known, but it has already developed an expertise in pajamas, because it has taken into account the wishes of all the women to whom, the most important brands, those who have a large catalog of pajamas, have not thought.

Then there is a crush on prints 

,” she adds.

Nêge Paris - Divine Idylle pajamas - button detail © Nêge Paris

Responsible pajamas with vegetable silk

In addition to the co-creation work, there is an approach of transparency on the material used, the certified partner workshops in Portugal, the delivery and even on the prices.


Anne-Sophie Lange

, the choice is made on “

 the Lyocell or Tencel material, which is little known.

It's eucalyptus and this wood aspect intrigues people a lot.

It's a very interesting material known by another name: vegetable silk, because it's as soft as silk and it comes from wood,” she explains.

“Its manufacturing process is environmentally friendly.

To transform wood pulp into textile fibers, a natural solvent is used, non-toxic and constantly recycled, without being released into nature.

It's breathable, so we don't sweat at night and it's thermoregulatory, so we're neither too hot nor too cold 

,” she continues.

And to add: “

In addition to being an ecological material, it is ideal for its properties for the night.

Our fabric is Oecko-Tex certified, a certification that guarantees that there are no substances harmful to the environment or health.

We give advice on maintenance, repair and recycling.

We donate part of our turnover to associations that we let our community choose.


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