Summer is fast approaching.

Today (the 22nd) will be hotter than yesterday as the temperature rises sharply.

The daytime temperature in Seoul will rise to 27 degrees, and the midsummer heat will prevail at 32 degrees in Daegu and 34 degrees in Miryang.

The stronger the sunlight, the higher the ozone concentration and the stronger the UV rays.

There will be showers in Yeongdong and the east coast of northern Gyeongsangbuk-do, where the atmosphere is unstable.

Although the amount is small, it can pour out loudly in an instant.

Currently, the skies across the country are clear, and most of the fog that was thick in the morning has disappeared.

With the exception of a few showers, the weather will be mostly sunny.

Meanwhile, dryness warnings are continuing in the east coast area.

The daytime temperature will rise to 27 degrees in Seoul, 29 degrees in Daejeon, and 29 degrees in Gwangju.

It will be mostly sunny for the time being, and the daytime temperature in Seoul will record 30 degrees the next day.

(Tae-Bin Yang, Weather Caster)