Although it pains us to admit it, we are very 'basiquines'.

Chanel is third in Eurovision, winning the best position for decades, but what becomes

the subject of national debate is her ass

. Hers.

Infallible thermometer of our concerns, Google reveals that searches on

'Chanel's ass'

skyrocket, reflecting a gap between Spain that sees in its display of power a 'surrender' to the

macho stereotype of the woman object

and the that, beyond celebrating her performance, she longs to show off

strong, voluminous and gravity-defying buttocks

like those of the artist.

A desire, this last one, absolutely laudable but that comes crashing down, it must be said, with

sedentary life habits

, ours, that lead us, rather, to have

a 'folder ass'

than a

'Chanel ass'


Flat, expanded widthwise like the unfolded covers of a giant briefcase of lax meat (hence the name), 'folder asses' are everywhere and are a reflection of our bad habits that

have gradually

turned our buttocks into mere cushions

to sit on, forgetting the very important functions for which they are 'designed'.

The terrible thing about this is that, without realizing it and due to the crushing to which we subject our buttocks from spending so much time sitting on them, their

resistance and elasticity capacities

are reduced due to the

loss of




, two essential proteins for our body that have the structural function of maintaining flexibility in the tissues.

What does this loss of collagen and elastin translate into?

Well, little by little, we are running out of the natural capacity of our buttocks, which we are drowning, to remain


, both in its shape and its texture.

For this reason, it is very important that we change our posture from time to time and that we get

up from the chair every one or two hours to walk or climb stairs.

Strengthen buttocks and legs climbing stairs with the 'Pin Twins'

And, although what catches our attention is what is seen, the important thing about this highly valued part of our anatomy is precisely what is not seen.


Main engine of human movement, stabilizer of the torso and legs,

the gluteus maximus, together with the abdominals, helps us to maintain the

correct posture

, to propel ourselves, to avoid hip oscillations and to improve, in general, our sports performance.

What's more, having

a hard ass

can help us

avoid most hip, back, and knee injuries.

The simple (and cheap) accessory that will make your buttocks look like a stone

But, since we are 'so basic', what catches our attention, of course, is Chanel's ass and we want it now (although we have spent half our lives with ours glued to a chair) and, if possible with just the right amount of effort.

Is this possible?

Well no.

We will never be able to have Chanel's ass,

nor JLo's, just as we will never be able to get Chris Hemsworth's abs because

our body is the unique and non-transferable temple in which we have had to live

and, precisely for this reason, we should take care of it with care. mime.

For this reason, although our motivation to start exercising and eating better should be to

improve our health

, the push of narcissism is welcome if it finally gets us to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

The best exercises to strengthen the buttocks

So, what do we do to get

our ass to reach its maximum splendor

without aspiring to emulate Chanel's?

It is clear: move.

Start by

introducing movement into our daily lives

, walking as much as we can, climbing stairs, etc.

And, of course,

strengthening the muscles with tables of specific strength exercises

, if possible, tailored to our needs and objectives by

qualified trainers


Hard ass and slim legs with three exercises |


What would be those star exercises?

Well, you know:

squats, lunges, deadlifts or hip thrusts.


benefits, as long as they are done sensibly and with good technique, are undeniable, but, beware, there are no miracles in this: we are not going to have Chanel's ass (sorry to be heavy) nor are our buttocks going to revive in an instant. day to day after a lethargy of decades.

So, perseverance and... to the mess!

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