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The director of the Obesity Center in the Saudi city of Al-Jawf, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Sharari, revealed the health condition of the Saudi Nasser Matar, who suffers from obesity, as his weight reached more than 250 kilograms, and he remained bedridden for 12 years because he could not move, after allocating a team to treat him at his home with An integrated treatment plan.

Al-Sharari said during his speech to Al-Ekhbariya channel, that he was directed by the Director General of Health Affairs to handle the case, and a treatment team was formed to visit him at his home with a full explanation of the treatment plan, and then he was transferred to King Abdulaziz Hospital.

He pointed out that the patient arrived last March to the hospital and took his medical history with the necessary examinations, and the treating team consisting of an endocrinologist, nutritionist, physiotherapist and psychologist participated in the treatment plan, and by reviewing the medications, it was found that there was a previous back injury that crippled him for 12 years and medications Cortisone caused him to gain weight.

He explained that a treatment plan was made to gradually reduce cortisone and put it on specialized needles to help lose weight, and a diet program was made with specific calories that helped the patient lose weight approximately 50 kilos within 60 days, stressing that the patient is cooperative and has been subjected to a psychological motivational program to be able to complete the treatment. .

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Director of the Obesity Center in Al-Jouf d.

Abd al -Rahman al-Sharari:

A patient has been crippled due to obesity for 12 years.. Al-

Jawf Health Department has allocated a treatment team to visit him at his home with an integrated treatment plan# 120_program# News

- News Channel (@alekhbariyatv) May 21, 2022

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