On May 21, Qingpu, Shanghai, the staff of Shanghai Huace Navigation Technology Co., Ltd. is assembling equipment. The company is located in the Beidou West Hongqiao Base and is one of the leading enterprises in the domestic high-precision navigation and positioning industry.

It is reported that when the “Resumption” button in Shanghai was pressed, China Beidou Industrial Technology Innovation West Hongqiao Base (referred to as Beidou West Hongqiao Base) implemented epidemic prevention measures, implemented a closed-loop management model, and actively organized enterprises in the park to resume work and production.

At present, more than 200 people have been approved to enter the park, and 13 enterprises have been admitted to the park.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tian Yuhao

Release time: 2022-05-21 14:44:13 【Editor: Li Peiyun】