Last December, a woman who lost her husband who attended the clinic responded to an interview with NHK for the first time in the case where a clinic in Osaka was set on fire.

Her husband was working hard for her family to return to her job, but the current national compensation system for crime victims and bereaved families provides sufficient financial support to the remaining families. I am appealing for the improvement of the system because I can not receive it.

On the 17th of this month, five months after the death of 26 people involved in a medical clinic that was set on fire in a clinic in Kita-ku, Osaka, a woman who lost her husband who attended the clinic responded to an interview for the first time. rice field.

This is because I hope to help people who are in the same position as much as possible by telling them what they faced as a victim of crime or a bereaved family.

The female husband worked as a full-time employee in a qualification-requiring profession.

She just says she was so serious and hard-working that she had to quit her job before the incident, out of balance between her mind and body.

She still wanted to work for her family again, so she went to the clinic and had a rework program to help her return to work.

She is said to have listened enthusiastically to her lecture on how to hold her heart in the front seat.

The memo left by her husband said, "I want to protect my family. I want to expand the growth potential of my child. I want to make my family smile."

The woman said, "I was a person who loved work very much. I think I wrote it with a positive attitude so that I could work again in the future, thinking about my family."

Taking advantage of her qualifications, she lost her husband who was aiming to return to work, and the woman decided to raise a young child by herself.

However, I learned that the national compensation system, which supports the bereaved families of victims of crimes that they rely on, calculates benefits based on the amount of income at the time of the damage.

When her husband happens to be victimized after working for many years, her benefits are low because she had no income.

The woman said, "I feel that the value of life is being given to me, and the system of the country that makes the difference in life is unreasonable and resentful. Let me give up the course of my child because my husband died. I definitely don't want to do anything, "she said.

She urges women, along with victim support groups, to improve the system and provide adequate support to the country so that she can alleviate the financial anxieties of victims and bereaved families. increase.

Indemnity issues for victims of crime and bereaved families

For those who have been victims of intentional crimes and their bereaved families, the "crime damage benefit system" provides a lump-sum payment from the national government so that they can lead a peaceful life again at an early stage, but women. Claims inadequate support.

Under the "crime damage benefit system," the amount of payment is calculated based on the age of the victim, income, and the existence of dependents.

Of these, income is based on the amount at the time of the damage, so even a person who temporarily quit his job and was aiming to return to work, such as a female husband, would have income if there was no income at the time of the incident. The amount of money to be paid will be less than if there was.

Regarding this situation, women said, "There is no difference in the value of the victim's life, but it is strange that there is a difference in the system by the country." In April, we requested the government together with a support organization to raise the level of liability insurance, in which the amount of payment is calculated based on the average salary or the average salary by age.

Victims and bereaved families of crimes can seek compensation for damages from the perpetrators in a civil trial, but in this arson case, the suspect also died and cannot seek compensation.

Even if the compensation order is finalized, there are many cases where the victim and the bereaved family continue to suffer mentally and financially without being paid compensation by the perpetrator. We are requesting that you create a new support system such as rebuilding.

Other victim groups have also called for the country to take action on compensation for crime victims, and in May the LDP's voluntary parliamentary federation put together a proposal for drastic strengthening of support.

National Police Agency "Listen to Shinshi and strive to promote and enhance support"

If the victim has no income under the current crime damage benefit system, the police agency has so far listened to the opinions of experts and crime victims about the low amount of payment, in order to provide as much financial support as possible. It is said that the amount of payment has been raised over and over again.

It means that they are instructing police in each region to improve operations, such as holding meetings of clerical staff and making quick decisions.

In addition to this, the police

have been close to each and every one of them through support measures such as ▽

providing information necessary for stabilizing residence and employment, ▽

securing a consultation system, and ▽ ensuring safety to prevent further crimes.

It is said that it provides detailed support.

The National Police Agency said, "In accordance with the idea of ​​the Basic Law for Crime Victims, etc., which is to be close to the thoughts of crime victims, etc., and to protect their rights and interests, while listening sincerely to various opinions, we will further promote and enhance our support efforts. I want to make an effort. "

In many cases, the perpetrators have not paid compensation to the victims of crimes and their bereaved families, and the mental and financial suffering continues. It is paid based on the average salary of ordinary people or the average salary by age, which was partially revised and enforced in the Civil Enforcement Law so that the victim can easily grasp the status of the perpetrator's property in May last year. After calculating the amount, he says, "First of all, I would like to see the execution status."

Expert "Current compensation system is not close to victims and bereaved families"

Hidemichi Morosawa, a former president of Tokiwa University, who is familiar with the compensation system for crime victims and bereaved families, said, "The current compensation system is small in amount to compensate for the victim's financial loss, and many damages We are not close to the current situation of the people and the bereaved families. "

Also, regarding the fact that the bereaved woman complains that the compensation for the crime victim is less than the compensation for the automobile liability insurance for the traffic accident, "Compensation for the crime victim and the victim of the traffic accident" It is strange that there is a difference, and at least the same standard should be used. As a standard, compensation equivalent to liability can be considered. "

On top of that, he said, "The government should review the current compensation system itself, such as by feeling the responsibility of not being able to protect the people from crime damage, providing financial support, and establishing a mechanism to ensure compensation from the perpetrators." I'm talking.