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On the front page: a government of continuity, deja vu, or almost…

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French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne.

May 16, 2022. REUTERS - POOL

By: Norbert Navarro

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The disenchantment is palpable.

Reading it, the French press clearly remained unsatisfied.


Minimum risk

”, summarizes, in the East of France,

The Latest News from Alsace

, the “ 

close guard 

” of the president remains “

 solidly anchored in key positions


Macron plays "

 security rather than panache

 ", regrets

L'Est Républicain.

For this other newspaper of the French Orient, the Borne government is akin to a "

 big reshuffle 


Le Figaro

hardly writes anything else by collecting the government list of a formula: "adjustments rather than a revolution".


Macron plays continuity … except at school 

”, launches



On its front page, this daily summarizes the Borne government as " 

a good catch, times and bad surprises 


The Pap Ndiaye surprise

First surprise, precisely.

The appointment of Pap Ndiaye to National Education.

Pap Ndiaye is " 

the anti-Blanquer

 ", formulate in chorus

Le Figaro


Le Parisien


This is the “ 

enormous surprise

 ” of this government, believes this last newspaper.

Known for his work on minorities and the United States - and brother of the novelist Marie Ndiaye 

", the appointment of the new Minister of National Education is even "

a counter-stance, even a slap in the face for the former minister

" , judges in

Le Parisien

a teacher trade unionist.

 When Jean-Michel Blanquer brandished last year the danger of “Islamo-leftism” as an “indubitable fact

" at work in French universities, Pap Ndiaye considered on the contrary that the term "

did not designate any reality (…) the words of the new minister about " police violence ", of which he tackled the " classic denial " in France, contrast with what the Macron camp commonly says, starting with 

the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, renewed 

, ”states

Le Parisien.

Pap Ndiaye instead of Jean-Michel Blanquer?

 Emmanuel Macron’s republican compass has changed direction,


Le Figaro


With Pap Ndiaye, Minister of National Education,

it is all the universalist symbolic charge that Jean-Michel Blanquer carried which disappears.

Instead, the eminent historian who succeeds him is the cantor of a diverse, “decolonial” discourse, directly imported from American campuses

, this newspaper believes.

By choosing to install the Sciences Po Grenoble line on rue de Grenelle, the Head of State no doubt wants to seduce the electorate attracted by Jean-Luc Mélenchon's Nupes.

This game, as disappointing as it is dangerous, will bring him nothing on the left and risks being very expensive on the right. 

“, warns Le Figaro.

Damien Abad, the Iago of LR

Second surprise, the appointment of Damien Abad, ex-president of the group Les Républicains in the National Assembly and real war prize of Emmanuel Macron.

 Admire the backflip: presiding over a (parliamentary) group is not nothing,


Le Courrier Picard


According to this newspaper from central-northern France,

Damien Abad joins the list of “a few ordinary traitors”, like Bruno Le Maire or Gérald Darmanin, “who left their camp after saying worse than hang from the president 


Olivier Veran,

like a rolling stone

He had a narrow escape.

He very nearly left the government before finally being appointed Minister for Relations with Parliament.

“Him” is Olivier Véran.

According to

Le Parisien

, the former Minister of Health “ 

did not appear in the first drafts.

“He rolled on the ground to get something,” mocks a government adviser 


Le Parisien

, evoking Olivier Véran and not the footballer Neymar on the lawn.


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