Egyptian Professor of Virology: Monkey pox is not dangerous..and nothing besides “Corona” .. and “the monkeys we have are difficult to get infected”!

Dr. Mohamed Adel, Professor of Virology at the Veterinary Serology Institute of the Egyptian Ministry of Agriculture, explained details and information about monkeypox disease.

During a telephone interview with the “Manchit” program, Dr. Mohamed Adel indicated that “the monkeypox disease is old and not new, and that social networking sites have a role in intimidating people, and spreading terror among them from these diseases, especially after the spread of the Corona virus pandemic,” stressing that “the virus Monkeypox is not dangerous."

And the professor of viruses continued: “I like to reassure citizens and reassure people that the issue is not dangerous, and this issue is one of the very old and existing needs, and it happens in individual cases,” noting that “the transmission of the disease to people in the United States of America and Europe is being discussed.”

He also compared the Corona virus with the monkeypox virus, explaining that "the danger of monkeypox is not considered something next to the Corona virus."

Adel added, "It is possible that they have recorded 6 deaths worldwide due to monkeypox from 1970 until today, and the matter is not serious."

The professor of virology pointed to the "safety of monkeys in zoos, and their subjection to medical examination." Because the measures in the veterinary quarantine to enter animals became very difficult, and for an animal to enter a veterinary quarantine to make sure that it is free of diseases, and thus allow it to enter Egypt,” he added: “Monkey pox to be transmitted to monkeys, the monkeys must prepare themselves, and a monkey must come. A stranger from Central Africa or a type of rodent infects them and creates an epidemic among them.”

He stressed, according to what was reported by "Russia Today", that "no monkeypox infection has been detected in Egypt so far."

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