The Ministry of Finance has announced the appointment of a senior deputy director general who was arrested on the 20th for assaulting passengers on the train and transferred to the minister's secretariat.

Heihachiro Ono, Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Finance, was arrested on the 20th on suspicion of assault on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, which was running in Tokyo, for beating and kicking other passengers.

In response to this, the Ministry of Finance announced the appointment of Deputy Director General Ono to be replaced on the 20th and transferred to the Minister's Secretariat.

The reason is that he cannot perform his duties as an executive in the situation of being arrested.

The Deputy Director General of the Ministry of Finance is in charge of the department that manages government-affiliated financial institutions and coordinates with the Bank of Japan, and the Minister's Secretariat will serve concurrently for the time being.

Regarding the arrest of an executive on suspicion of assault, Finance Minister Suzuki said at a press conference in Germany that he visited on the night of the 20th of Japan time, he said that he was confirming the detailed facts and said, "Executive officials have been arrested. I am very sorry and sorry for the inconvenience, and I would like to apologize. "