The Egyptian Prosecution: The murderer of the priest Arsanius is mentally stable and his crime is intentional

The Alexandria Criminal Court, headed by Counselor Waheed Sabry, heard the Public Prosecution’s pleading in the case of the murder of Priest Arsanios Wadeed, before the court issued its decision referring the defendant’s papers in the case to the Grand Mufti to take a legal opinion on his execution.

Counselor Ahmed Osama Akef, Deputy Public Prosecution Office of the College, representing the prosecution before the court, said that the accused had proven his mental strength and an official report had been prepared. he claims.

The Public Prosecution confirmed that the accused had joined an extremist group and while the priest was leaving the beach, accompanied by a group of young people, he chose him from among those present because of his religious dress, as it was proven that the accused had hostile tendencies to Christians, and stabbed Archbishop Arsanios Wade several times, and took his soul, which proves a previous case. Perseverance and surveillance.

Counselor Ahmed Osama Akef, representative of the Public Prosecution, explained that the prosecution did not see that the defense was right, as it was proven that the accused is balanced and well aware of what he is doing, and that his psychological state is not related to the murder, calling for the imposition of the maximum penalty for the accused of killing the priest of Alexandria.

According to "Cairo 24".

The representative of the Public Prosecution concluded his plea in the trial of the murder of the Alexandrian priest: There is no intercessor for the accused despite his bad doing anything..even as a matter of mitigating punishment, they removed him and excluded him from our society, so that no one would pretend that this safe country has sectarian or racist strife.

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