"Shangqiu, Henan plans to spend 135 million yuan to build a permanent shelter" has attracted attention. On the morning of May 20, the proposed supplier of the shelter project - the relevant person of China Railway Eighth Bureau Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. provided the construction to The Paper. list.

  According to his introduction, the project is indeed a permanent square cabin, including 1,009 isolation rooms, 416 medical and nursing staff rooms and functional rooms, and 508 aisle box rooms. Bathrooms, air conditioners, water heaters, call systems, optical fibers, beds (including bedding), tables and chairs, can meet the living needs of the isolated people during the isolation period.

In addition, the site includes water supply, drainage, sewage, strong electricity, weak electricity, fire protection, greening and other systems, and three sets of power distribution stations, two sets of sewage treatment stations, three sets of domestic water pump rooms, two sets of fire water tank rooms, two sets of A set of fire fighting pools, three medical waste storage sites, a monitoring room, a smart cloud platform, etc.

  Previously, the Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network announced on May 19 that Henan Tianheng Engineering Management Co., Ltd. was entrusted by the Shangqiu City New Coronary Virus Infection Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office. The procurement project of contracting and mobile medical waste disposal equipment is planned to be purchased through a single source, and comments are now solicited.

  The project is divided into two packages, package 1 to build 1,000 shelter isolation points; package 2 to purchase a mobile medical waste microwave disinfection equipment and a medical waste transfer vehicle.

In terms of purchase amount, package 1 is 135,129,049.39 yuan, and package 2 is 3,640,000.00 yuan.

According to the information on the Henan Provincial Government Procurement Network, the proposed supplier of package 1 is China Railway Eighth Bureau Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd., and the proposed supplier of package 2 is Henan Liying Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.

  The reason for adopting the single-source procurement method is that in order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, in accordance with the relevant state regulations, according to the "Tendering Law of the People's Republic of China", "Article 66 involves national security, national secrets, emergency rescue and disaster relief or belongs to the use of poverty alleviation For projects that are not suitable for bidding under special circumstances such as cash-for-work and the need to use migrant workers, the bidding can be avoided in accordance with relevant state regulations." and "Regulations on the Implementation of the Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China" (State Council Order No. 658) "Article 25. If a government procurement project is not subject to bidding in accordance with the law, it shall be procured in accordance with the Government Procurement Law and the provisions of this Regulation through competitive negotiation or single-source procurement." The project complies with the "Government Procurement Law of the People's Republic of China". "In "Article 31 Article 2 Unforeseen emergency situation occurs and cannot be purchased from other suppliers" conditions; the expert group has demonstrated that the project is suitable for single-source procurement.

  On the afternoon of May 19, the staff of the Shangqiu Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office introduced that the shelter is located in the south of the Fifth People's Hospital of the Shangqiu Demonstration Zone and is the first large-scale isolation point in the area.

  Peng Mei News noticed that in April this year, it was reported that a shelter project with a planned area of ​​about 180 mu and a total construction area of ​​60,000 square meters was to be built near the Fifth People's Hospital of Shangqiu City.

The project has a building density of 47% and a plot ratio of 0.5. It is a one-storey modular frame box-type house building. It is planned to set up 2,000 isolation rooms, one room and one bed, 400 medical rooms, and 120 equipment and other rooms.

  Local media reported that on April 18, at the construction site at the Fangcang isolation point in Shangqiu City, the builders of the China Railway Eighth Bureau rushed to build the "boat of life", racing against time to promote the project with high quality, high standards and high efficiency. .

At present, more than 60 sets of muck trucks, excavators, bulldozers, graders and other types of machinery and more than 180 workers have entered the site.

  In this regard, the above-mentioned relevant person of China Railway Eighth Bureau Group Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. introduced that it is the same place. The original plan was 2,000 rooms, and now the isolation rooms have been changed to 1,009 rooms.

  According to the WeChat official account "Henan Daily Shangqiu Branch" on May 20, the reporter learned from the Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters that as of May 19, a total of 4,115 isolation points and 430,217 isolation rooms have been set up across Henan Province. The national requirement for a standard reserve of no less than 40 isolation rooms per 10,000 people.

According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control, Henan Province has opened 1,179 isolation points and 29,365 isolation rooms.

  According to the report, in accordance with the principle of "preparing rather than using, not being available," Henan has aimed to improve isolation management capabilities from the very beginning, requiring all localities to strengthen centralized isolation point reserves.

On March 19, the Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a plan stating that all localities should reserve a sufficient number of isolation rooms as soon as possible according to the scale of no less than 40 rooms/10,000 population, and establish a cascade activation mechanism. Once an epidemic occurs, ensure that within 24 hours 1/3 can be enabled, 1/2 can be enabled within 48 hours, and all isolation rooms can be enabled within 3 days.

  The report mentioned that Henan Province requires all provinces and municipalities to coordinate the construction of no less than 1,000 large-scale centralized isolation places.

Just last month, Shangqiu City took the lead in launching the construction of 1,000 large-scale centralized isolation houses.

It is understood that this shelter isolation point is located in Yangzhuang Village, Zhangge Town, Shangqiu Urban-rural Integration Demonstration Zone, covering an area of ​​about 180 acres and a total construction area of ​​60,000 square meters.

  According to the requirements of Henan Province, all the close contacts and sub-close contacts of the flow adjustment information will be quarantined and controlled for 8 hours.

In the event of a clustered epidemic, the centralized isolation point scheduling work should be started immediately to resolutely avoid problems such as urgent use, untimely transfer and isolation, and delaying the timing of the epidemic.

  The Paper reporter Zhong Yuhao and intern Zheng Jiuzhou