(Shanghai War Epidemic Record) Shanghai will promote the resumption of the farmers' market in an orderly manner and compact the "four parties' responsibilities"

  China News Service, Shanghai, May 20 (Reporter Chen Jing) As the main channel for the supply of staple and non-staple food in Shanghai, the farmers market is an important place for people's daily consumption.

  At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Shanghai held on the 20th, Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that at this stage, in accordance with the requirements of "orderly liberalization, limited mobility, effective control, and classified management", Shanghai We will stick to the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control, and promote the resumption of farmers' markets in an orderly manner.

Shanghai will consolidate the "quartet of responsibilities" of localities, departments, enterprises and individuals, implement various epidemic prevention measures, and coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic in farmers' markets and the resumption of business and markets.

  Regarding the wholesale market, the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce will promote the resumption of the market by category, and implement the "one market, one plan": the on-site management is divided into sections, the number of people present is reasonably controlled, and the gathering of people is reduced; the transaction method adopts contactless transactions, and retail business is suspended; Personnel management, and closed-loop management of wholesale market personnel; on-the-job personnel are classified and registered, carry out "1 nucleic acid + 1 antigen" test every day, correctly wear masks, face screens, gloves and other "three-piece suits", and wear protection according to the risk level of the post Clothes.

  According to reports, personnel entering the wholesale market should wear masks, hold a nucleic acid negative certificate and a "health code" green code within 48 hours, scan the "site code" or "digital sentinel", measure their body temperature, and carry out an antigen test, no abnormality You can enter the venue only afterward; for vehicles entering the wholesale market, the market should make an appointment and registration.

Drivers and passengers implement closed-loop management, and do not get off unless necessary; for goods entering the wholesale market, the market should do a good job in requesting certificates and tickets and food safety management, and implement epidemic prevention and control such as "three specialties, three certificates, and four prohibitions" for imported cold chain food measure.

The market should also do a good job in daily cleaning and disinfection, waste disposal, and formulate emergency plans to do a good job in emergency response.

  "Three specialties" means that food business units implement special channel purchase, special area storage, and special area sales management for imported cold chain food.

"Three certificates" refers to the inspection and quarantine certificate, nucleic acid test certificate, and disinfection certificate of imported cold chain food.

"Four Nos" means that food business entities strictly implement the requirements for imported cold-chain food without inspection and quarantine certificates of entry goods, no nucleic acid test certificates, no disinfection certificates, and incomplete traceability information, and are not allowed to produce, process, and sell on the market.

  Regarding the vegetable market, Liu Min said that on the basis of doing a good job in the prevention and control of the resumption of the market, in terms of operation management, operators are encouraged to purchase centralized purchases, carry out online ordering, offline delivery or self-pickup by consumers. Conditional vegetable markets can gradually Resumption of offline business, reasonable control of the rate and passenger flow.

Those entering the vegetable market should wear masks, hold a nucleic acid negative certificate within 48 hours and a green "health code" code, scan the "place code" or "digital sentinel", and cooperate with temperature measurement, those with normal body temperature can enter; Social distancing is maintained afterward; for special groups such as the elderly who are inconvenient to use electronic equipment, the vegetable market will do a good job in registering personnel information to ensure that it can be queried and traced.