China News Service, May 20. According to the WeChat public account of "Shanghai Release", at the press conference on Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control work held on the morning of May 20, Zhang Yan, deputy head of Qingpu District, Shanghai, introduced three new cities in Qingpu. The specific situation of the positive infected person and the relevant measures taken, as well as the next steps to strengthen control.

  Zhang Yan introduced that on May 19, there were three new cases of asymptomatic infections in Xujing Town, Qingpu District. Under the guidance of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, the Qingpu District Epidemic Prevention and Control Emergency Mechanism responded quickly, and an epidemiological investigation was carried out as soon as possible. , Relevant personnel investigation, sampling and testing, prevention and control management, and implementation of epidemic prevention measures such as terminal disinfection of relevant places and environments.

Details are as follows:

  The three belong to the same family, including the father, 50 years old, unemployed, the mother, 49 years old, unemployed, and the son, 21 years old, a student. In the routine nucleic acid screening, the mixed-tube test results are abnormal, and the nucleic acid test results of the district CDC are all positive, that is, they are sent to designated hospitals for isolation and investigation. Diagnosed with asymptomatic infection of new coronary pneumonia.

Each of the three received three doses of the new crown vaccine.

  Epidemiological investigations show that none of the three people left Xujing Town, Qingpu District within 14 days. Except for their residence, they have been to Anhui Lu'an Tucai Restaurant (Mingzhu Road, Qingpu District), Hesen Life Square (No. 852 Zhulu West Road, Qingpu District), Hesen Life Plaza (No. 258, Mingzhu Road, Qingpu District), Century Hualian Supermarket (Zhen'an Store) and other places, at present, the above-mentioned places have implemented prevention and control measures such as closed management and terminal disinfection of the environment.

  According to Zhang Yan, according to the relevant prevention and control plans and emergency plans of the city and district, Qingpu District has mainly adopted the following measures:

  The first is to implement the four-morning requirements.

After obtaining the abnormal nucleic acid test information of relevant personnel, Qingpu District will isolate and transfer the abnormal personnel with mixed-tube detection, and will sample and review the single-person and single-tube samples immediately. .

  The second is to implement the "four should and four fulfillment".

Carry out flow investigation and investigation, conduct a comprehensive investigation of their activity trajectories, conduct in-depth investigations of relevant places involved, and implement isolation management and control of relevant close contacts and close contacts. disinfect.

  The third is to implement community control.

Immediately implement orderly management and control of the community where asymptomatic infected persons are located to ensure that residents stay at home.

At the same time, organize sampling personnel and prevention and control support personnel to conduct nucleic acid testing of all staff in the community and the Xujing Town area where it is located, so as to achieve full coverage of the test.

  The fourth is to carry out nucleic acid screening in relevant regions.

On May 19, social nucleic acid tests were carried out in Xujing Town, where asymptomatic infections were located. A total of 228,588 people were screened, and the nucleic acid test results were all negative.

  Zhang Yan said that in the next stage, according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the community will be adjusted to a medium-risk area. Qingpu District will continue to adhere to scientific, precise, meticulous and practical efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, and achieve dynamic clearing as soon as possible.