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The controversy that singer Young-woong Lim missed the 1st place on KBS's 'Music Bank' seems to be getting bigger and bigger.

Recently, in an online community, a netizen requested the Korea Communications Standards Commission to deliberate on the case that Young-woong Lim recorded a high score on music and social media in 'Music Bank' on the 13th broadcast, but missed the first place by the rookie Le Seraphim. He claimed that he had requested a request for an investigation from the National Police Agency.

Previously, in relation to Lim Young-woong's broadcast score of 0 at the time of the 'Music Bank' ranking, where the controversy related to Young-woong Lim was aroused, KBS said, "During the period, KBS TV, radio, and digital contents subject to the tallying period, Young-woong Lim's song 'Can we meet again?' was not broadcast, and in the 'popular song preference' survey conducted on 17,609 people on [KBS National Panel], the song had a response rate of 0%."

There are numerous objections to this.

On the 19th, the entertainment media Dispatch investigated the number of exposures of Young-woong Lim's new song 'Can we meet again' on KBS radio during the counting period for 'Music Bank' 1st place selection, and found that KBS Happy FM 'Baek-cheon Lim's Back Music' 5 On the 4th, it was reported that KBS Cool FM's 'Exciting Night is Lee Yoon-jung' and 'Can we meet again' were included in the song selection table on May 4th.

In addition, on the 20th, the media reported, "With the 'record manipulation suspicion' that KBS deleted and saved Young-woong Lim's song selection table, '