Sixteen weeks of tears, drama, catfights, disappointments and anger are behind us.

And in addition to the reactions to this column, there were also the models at GNTM.

Having started hopefully in Greece, at least Anita, Lieselotte, Noëlla, Luca, Lou-Anne and Martina made it through to the semi-finals.

A third of the semi-finalists are best agers, a third is related by blood, and one candidate is only 1.65 meters tall.

Out of sheer diversity, the cliché of the tall, skinny, blond Lena Gercke clone, which has significantly shaped this format, already feels like an old, white man.

The 66-year-old Lieselotte in particular can feel like the Eintracht Frankfurt of the 2022 season GNTM.

Driven by Heidi Klum (the Oliver Glasner of the modeling industry), she has undergone a transformation that makes Fynn Kliemann's transformation from model do-gooder to Kim Jong-un of the social media bubble seem like two songs from Modern Talking: You Can't Disconnect With Your Eyes Only keep.

Motivation from home

In the first half of the top model season, Lieselotte left the often somewhat disturbing impression with every catwalk appearance that she would confuse GNTM with a training program for pantomime improvisation, in recent weeks she has always received greater praise from Heidi Klum than Richard David Precht by Markus Lanz.

As a reward, there is a video message from her son Patrick today.

Co-semi-finalist Martina attested in astonishment that he was "as sweet as Thomas Hayo".

How she got there remains her secret.

Patrick doesn't wear black and speaks Berliners instead of Denglish.

Well, from the way Martina treats her daughter Lou-Anne at times, you'd think she'd always wanted a son.

But the other candidates can also look forward to motivating words from home.

Anita, for example, strategically goes to the heart of her best friend's clip: "I was happy about her face".


Especially as a model, it never hurts to have a replacement face ready.

Luca's friend, on the other hand, has trouble finding words because of all the excitement and accidentally calls a pole pole a strip pole.

It remains unclear why he wants to talk to his girlfriend, whom he hasn't seen for 16 weeks, first in public about erotic stimulation dances with an undressing background.

The shooting on the following day also begins with insight: Lieselotte doesn't speak English, but she doesn't speak the language of dress either.

In any case, during the traditional outfit check before the styling, she explains: "Well, I can't understand the dress".

Google Translate doesn't help either.

Even the hope that Mario Barth could possibly be the guest juror and with his new book "dress - woman;

Woman - dress" help, quickly shatters.

Barth has even less expertise when it comes to modeling than when it comes to comedy.

Instead of Barth, Heidi Klum has someone with him who only knows "Kennta Kennta" as an imperative when canoeing.

Germany´s Next top daughter Leni Klum.

The sentimental family reunion is rounded off by photographer Kristian Schuller, whom Heidi Klum has ultimately seen more often over the past 17 years than Leni's biological father.

In the synapse collapse of this overdose of kinship, you tremble for a few restless minutes, Tom Kaulitz could spontaneously jump into the picture at any moment and perform the new Tokio Hotel single "Unfortunately, I don't have a photo for you today".

A chair that bears your name

De-dramatized by the cozy aura of the “Bring your Family to Work” day, the semifinals are unusually harmonious.

Leni Klum loves the scenery, Lieselotte, Kristian Schuller, Anita and especially her mother's artificial nails.

The temporary climax of delight is reached when Leni screams in stunned euphoria: "There's a chair with my name on it!" There hasn't been so much enthusiasm for something that says "Leni" since Flavio Briatore applied for Seal in 2009 had in the mail.