This is a woodblock New Year picture,

  It has a history of more than 1000 years,

  It comes from the door god who defends the home in Chinese mythology.

  Popular among the people.

  In the Song Dynasty,

  With the prosperity of urban life,

  New Year pictures are becoming more and more popular.

  In the eyes of the common people, it is not a New Year without a New Year's picture.

  Different styles of New Year pictures were born in different regions.

  Hebei Wuqiang New Year Pictures, rough and simple;

  Suzhou Taohuawu New Year pictures, neat and delicate.

  Sichuan Mianzhu New Year pictures, bright colors.

  New Year pictures are a tradition,

  another way of life,

  Its theme is not limited to New Year's greetings,

  There are also historical stories, legends, literary masterpieces, etc., all-inclusive.

  New Year pictures record the social life of ancient China,

  It is also of great value for historical research.

  Woodblock New Year pictures absorb the essence of ancient Chinese woodblock printing.

  The craftsmen are all talented.

  Take Taohuawu wood-paneled New Year pictures as an example,

  The production process is divided into five processes: drawing, stereotyping, and printing.

  One of the stereotypes requires the preparation of 18 weapons.

  Use a variety of knife methods, pay attention to angle and strength,

  The effect style of the same piece of printing will also vary from person to person.

  This is the charm of the New Year painting craftsmanship.

  Woodblock New Year pictures have a long history.

  But it's not a set in stone either.

  Nowadays, many craftsmen have innovated the content of the wood plank New Year pictures.

  For example, this New Year picture on the theme of fighting the epidemic,

  Changing times,

  What remains unchanged is the industrious and brave Chinese people,

  Yearning and hard work for a better life.

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