The Supreme Court has stated that a former director of a major power generation equipment manufacturer had been acquitted of bribeing a local civil servant in a case involving a power plant construction project in Thailand, where "plea bargaining" was first applied. It was decided that a conspiracy with two other former executives would be established, and the conviction of 1 year and 6 months in prison with suspended sentence was confirmed.

Satoshi Uchida (67), a former director of Mitsubishi Power Systems, a major power generation equipment manufacturer, and now Mitsubishi Power, said that he was involved in the construction of a thermal power plant ordered in Thailand seven years ago. He pleaded guilty to violating the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, which prohibited bribes to foreign civil servants, alleging that he and two former executives gave a bribe of more than 39 million yen to a local civil servant.

The issue was whether or not they had colluded with two former executives who had already been found guilty. I was deciding.

In a ruling on the 20th, Judge Hiroyuki Kanno of the Second Small Court of the Supreme Court said, "The first trial was consulted by two former executives about bribery on the premise of the position and position of a former director. Considering the behavior and progress comprehensively, he admitted the collusion. The 2nd trial did not fully show that there was an unreasonable point in the 1st trial decision. " , The conviction of the first trial with a three-year suspension of execution will be finalized.

In this case, the "plea bargain" introduced four years ago was applied for the first time, and the company as a corporation was not prosecuted in return for cooperating with the prosecution's investigation.