On the afternoon of May 18, the Singaporean "Ocean Messenger" ship carrying 5,151 breeding cattle berthed at berth No. 8 of Wantong Port, Dongying Port, Shandong Province. This is also the first batch of live animals entering Dongying Port this year.

  It is reported that the ship departed from Portland, Australia and arrived at Dongying Port after a 16-day sea voyage.

This batch of imported breeding cattle includes 8 breeds such as Holstein, Hereford, Angus, etc., with a large number and variety, with a total value of more than 90 million yuan.

  After entry, the batch of imported breeding cattle will be quickly transferred to Dongying Houde Animal Husbandry and Breeding Co., Ltd. in Hekou District, Dongying City, Shandong Province for a 45-day quarantine. Cultivating seeds and improving the quality of domestic beef and dairy cattle, radiating to increase the income of herdsmen in pastoral areas, and promoting the development of domestic high-quality animal husbandry.

  In view of the fact that the ship has a long carrying time, a large number of passengers, and a large number of trucks unloading and unloading in the limited area of ​​the port, the Dongying Entry-Exit Border Inspection Station has formulated relevant plans in advance to verify the ship's trajectory, screen crew information, and exchange information with the customs in real time to assist. Do a good job in setting up on-site fences and disinfecting places, and strive to reduce the risk of epidemic importation.

(Sun Tingting, Wang Xin, Liu Yinghan)

Responsible editor: [Wang Kai]