China News Service, May 20. According to the official WeChat news of the Transportation Administration of the Ministry of Public Security, on May 18, 2022, a bus carrying 20 people on Provincial Highway 301 in Chengkou County, Chongqing rolled over.

After receiving the report, the Ministry of Public Security attached great importance to it and quickly dispatched a working group to the scene to guide the investigation and handling of the accident.

  After investigation, at about 16:20 on May 18, Ma Moujun, the driver of the third branch of Chongqing Highway Transportation Co., Ltd., drove the bus No. Driving to Chengkou County, when driving to the section of Miaoba Town, Chengkou County, Provincial Highway 301, it rolled over, killing one passenger in the car and seriously injuring Ma Moujun.

  Preliminary analysis shows that Ma Moujun exceeded the speed limit of the road when driving through a downhill curve in rainy days. Due to the slippery road, excessive speed, and improper handling of danger in rainy days, the bus lost control and hit the right guardrail, rushed out of the road, and fell to the ground. In the ditch with a vertical height of about 7.8 meters from the road.

In addition, Ma Moujun turned off the satellite positioning device three times during the driving process, evading dynamic supervision.

At present, the local public security organs have controlled Ma Moujun according to law, and will investigate the relevant enterprises and responsible persons according to the law according to the investigation.

  It is understood that 1 passenger who died was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the incident, and the remaining 18 passengers used seat belts, which played a good protective role when the bus rolled over. 16 passengers were slightly injured and 2 passengers were injured. Basically uninjured, to avoid serious casualties.

The Ministry of Public Security reminded that seat belts, life belts, and seat belts should be fastened when you get on the bus, and all staff should wear them in the whole process.